Four major changes that will make you ugly after pregnancy, Baoma: The last one is the most difficult to accept!

Introduction: The four major changes that will make you ugly after pregnancy. Bao Ma: The last one is the most difficult to accept!

After many young couples get married, the man often urges his wife to have children, but some women are unwilling to get pregnant and have children, because they are afraid that they are young and beautiful after giving birth to children.So, is pregnancy so terrible?

In fact, after pregnancy, there will be some changes in the body. In addition to the larger abdomen, there are also these four major changes that lead to shape.

1. ass

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers find that their buttocks have become larger. This is mainly caused by the impact of progesterone. On the one hand, various nutrients need to be supplemented during pregnancy.On the other hand, the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the stress will make the stability of the sacroiliac joints on the pelvis and the stability of the pubic bone combination worse, resulting in widening the united gap in the pubic bone.It has a certain impact.

2, legs

Under the influence of progesterone during pregnancy, it will lead to an unsightly venous veins in the legs of pregnant women, which will affect the beauty of the leg shape.The prevention method is to drink more water, and avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, let alone the legs of Erlang. In addition, it is best to raise your calf when you sit down.

3, hair

During pregnancy, in addition to progesterone and estrogen, it can stimulate the secretion ofrogens and promote the growth of body hair. However, the excess hair will fall off by itself within 6 months after delivery.However, estrogen secretion also increases the growth rate of hair, making hair stronger.

4. Breast

The impact of progesterone, at 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, breasts began to increase and become more sensitive, and the total weight began to increase.Under the dual effect of increased weight and the dual action of progesterone, the ligament and fiber tissue of the breast will be lengthened. Therefore, it will lead to a drooping trend of the breast. It is recommended to choose a dedicated corset to protect it during pregnancy.

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