Four departments: found sexual assault such as pregnancy and other sexual assaults, directly filed a case for investigation

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Lin Jing

On campus, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, student collective dormitories, etc., rape and obscenity to minors. As long as there are many other people present, regardless of whether they actually see it, they can be identified as "public" rape and obscenity in public places in public places.; Discovery that minors under the age of 14 are pregnant and the privacy parts of minors suffer obviously non -normal injuries. After the public security organs are accepted, they will directly investigate the case …Opinions of sexual assault criminal cases "will be implemented from June 1.

The "Opinions" will "strictly punish in accordance with the law", "the most conducive to minors" and "two -way protection" as the principle of sexual assault criminal cases, and stipulate that the courts, procuratorates, and public security organs shall determine specialized agencies or familiar familiarity with familiarityThe special personnel of the physical and mental characteristics of minors are responsible for handling the case.

The public security organs receive reports, accusations, and reports that minors are sexually assaulted by sexual assault. They should be accepted in time and quickly review.Those who meet the conditions for criminal cases shall be immediately filed for investigation. The review period of major, difficult, and complex cases shall not exceed 7 days in principle.With one of the following circumstances, the public security organs should directly file a case after acceptance: minors with obvious mental development or minors under 14 years of age are pregnant, endless pregnancy or delivery;Obviously non -normal injuries; minors are organized, forced, seduced, accommodated, and introduced prostitution; other evidence proves that sexually assaulted the crime of minors.

The public security organs discovered or reported that the clues of minors to sexually assaulted minors. Whether or not they were under the jurisdiction of their own units, urgent measures such as preventing violations, protecting the victims, and protecting the scene should be adopted in a timely manner.Responsibility, but if the criminal place and the suspect cannot be determined, if the jurisdiction is unknown, the case should be investigated first.

In public places such as campus, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, student collective dormitories and other public places, rape and obscenity crimes are imposed on minors. As long as there are many other people present, no matter whether the people present are actually seen, they can follow the 230s of the Criminal Law.Article 6, paragraph 3, and Article 237, are determined to be rape and obscenity in public places.

The statement of minors and witnesses mentioned other criminal clues in the testimony of minors, and the public security organs shall promptly investigate and verify, or transfer it to authorities with jurisdictions.For cases around the suspect’s residence or the same, similar places, and the same sexual harassment of sexual assault, and meet the conditions of the case, it shall be investigated in a timely manner.Inquiry of minors, you should choose a "one -stop" place to obtain evidence or other suitable places, and adhere to the principle of inquiry.

The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security stated that the Ministry of Public Security will organize the national public security organs to strictly fight sexual assault on sexual assault minors, and work together to formulate the implementation opinions on the "one -stop" evidence collection work mechanism on sexual assault minors.》, Continue to carry out activities such as "protection of schools", promote comprehensive governance, and reduce the occurrence of sexual assault crimes from the source.

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