Four "good soups", help you get pregnant!

The most normal thing is to get married and have children to continue the incense, but there are many couples who have worked hard for a long time, but have not seen results, which makes them very anxious.In fact, for pregnancy, you must be calm. Often, the greater the pressure, the harder it is to conceive a baby.In addition, if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, in addition to good mood, you must also eat well. Today, good pregnancy and pregnancy experts will recommend 4 "good soups" that can increase the chance of pregnancy to help you get pregnant!


Red flower 4 money, 4 money of motherwort, 3 yuan of angelica, 3 money of Danshen, Yanhu Mo 3 money, brown sugar 4 money, boiled water as tea.

This recipe is very effective for women who are infertile due to disagreements.Because this formula has a good effect on promoting blood circulation and menstrual menstruation, it also improves dysmenorrhea.However, there are red flowers in the recipe, so if you are pregnant, don’t drink anymore, so as not to occur.It is recommended to drink it from the beginning of menstruation and drink for 10 days in a row.

Formula two

One pigeon, 5 sand ginseng, 2 yuan of antler, a pound of the first Huai yam, five slices of ginger, one wolfberry, 66 bulls, 10 jujube.

This formula is more suitable for women who are infertile due to palace cold, and this distribution also has the effects of dehumidification, cold, and qi.It is recommended to drink on the first day of menstruation. After drinking for 4 consecutive days, it will be changed to once the next day and eat 6 to 8 times.

Formula three

One pigeon, 6 yuan of Codonopsis, 2 money of Schisandra, 3 capsules of red dates, 10 quail eggs, and one wolfberry.

This formula is mainly to nourish qi and kidney, so it is more suitable for some women with qi deficiency and kidney deficiency. Sticking to drink can solve the situation of infertility and eggs that are not going to bed.It is recommended to start drinking here on the fourth day of the month, once the next day, and drink 10 times in a row.

Formula four

Black chicken half, soak water with two black beans, a small black fungus, 2 two angelica, one wolfberry, five ginger, 4 red dates.

This distribution is more suitable for women with obstacles or follicles without ovulation, because this formula can promote the growth of follicles and also make the endometrium thicker.If the ovulation is normal, it is recommended to start drinking the next day the next day at the end of the menstruation, until the ovulation is over.If the ovulation is delayed, it is recommended to drink on the fourth day of the start of menstruation, first drink for three consecutive days, and then drink it every other day.In addition, if the uterine membrane is very thick, it is best to reduce black beans or remove black beans directly.

Many of the four good soups shared above have obvious effects after drinking. Basically, as long as they continue to drink for two or three months, their stomachs have movement.Of course, some ladies can’t persist after drinking it for a month, and wait for a few months to drink, so the effect is naturally a great discount.Here, good pregnancy gangs also wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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