For the first time, I quietly tell you 93 things, and the people who have seen have benefited 100%!

Some knowledge is now studying, some knowledge is learned early, and when it is used, you can take it out. For example, when you are pregnant, you can understand that some knowledge is good for yourself or the person you love.%.Xiaobian sorted out 93 things for the first pregnancy. There are always things you don’t know, let’s learn together!

1. During pregnancy diet

1. Folic acid: 3 months before pregnancy, 3 months after pregnancy (do not eat with Victoria C).

2. Calcium: Start eating at 4 months of pregnancy (with D3).

3. DHA: Start eating at 5 months of pregnancy (eat 1 hour after meal).

4, iron: start to eat at 6 months of pregnancy (calcium and iron interval for 1 hour).

5. iodine salt: iodized salt during pregnancy (with thyroid consultation doctor).

6. Milk: 250ml per day before April in pregnancy, 500ml milk (drink morning and evening) every day after April.

7. Egg: Start eating pregnancy, 1-2 a day (breakfast).

8. Walnut: Start eating in April of pregnancy (not more than 3 per day).

9. Soy milk: Start drinking in June of pregnancy (200ml per day).

10. Beef: 2 times a week (high -quality protein).

11. Shrimp: Once once a week (long tires do not have meat).

12. Fish: 2 times a week (the baby is smart).

13. Fruits: Virgin Fruit (good for skin), Xi Mei (alleviating constipation), blueberry (good eye) Cherry (prevention of anemia), lemon (relieving pregnancy vomiting), kiwi (high vitamin).

14. Vegetable: 300 ~ 500g per day (eat dark green vegetables).

15. Liver/animal blood: twice a week (iron supplement).

16. Snacks: yogurt, red dates, nuts, oatmeal, soda biscuits, raisins.

17. Drink soup: Drink less bone soup (high purine and fat content).

18. High blood sugar: Use coarse grains instead of white rice, eat less fruit with high sugar (litchi, longan, watermelon).

19. Eat less: junk food, pickled food, high sugar diet, fried food.

20. Do not eat: raw food, alcohol and alcoholic drinks.

21. Early pregnancy diet: foods that are easy to digest, less greasy, and light taste.

22. Diet in the middle and late pregnancy: The principle of three lows and one high control weight (low carbon water+low fat+low calories+high protein).

23. Diet of Linking: It is advisable to eat foods that can be smooth intestines, such as kelp, mung beans, kale, celery, spinach.

24. It is not advisable to eat in labor: Sour food, persimmons, black plums, lotus seeds, nourishing qi food ginseng, astragalus, and longan.

2. Precautions

25. In the early pregnancy, the fetus is afraid of heat, do not soak hot springs and steamed sauna.

26. Do not ride bicycles at the beginning of pregnancy, do not contact nail polish, hair dye, and perm.

27. Avoiding hard movements in the first three months of pregnancy is easy to warn abortion.

28. Do not have the same room for the first three months and 3 months after pregnancy.

29. Do not take medicine without authorization, do not eat raw food, and do not exercise violently.

30. Pets in the family need to be a bow -shaped insect inspection, and regularly vaccine and deworming.

31. Pay attention to fetal movement in the second trimester, and insist at at least 3 times a day.

32. Do not use safflower oil, camphor pills, and air cleaning agents during pregnancy.

33. Do not urinate frequently in the third trimester. Do not slip up and down the stairs and bath.

34. After 37 weeks of pregnancy, try not to go to the dense hypoxic environment of the crowd to avoid hypoxia.

Third, symptoms during pregnancy

35. Dissatious: From 5-8 weeks of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have lethargy, dizziness, and weakness. It is normal. It is not too nervous. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, energy will gradually recover.

36. Swallowing: About 6 weeks of pregnancy appear, gradually decrease after 12 weeks of pregnancy, eat less meals, don’t be too full or too hungry, stick ginger slices of wrist, alcoholic fruit lemonade, eat alkaline food with gastric acid soda, soda, soda, soda, soda, soda, and soda.Water, dripped a few drops of lemon juice smell the unpleasant smell on the handkerchief.

37. Gingivitis during pregnancy: clean the mouth in time, do more teeth, eat more foods rich in vitamin C, and do not extraction for three months before and after pregnancy (try to avoid × light as much as possible.

38. Breast: Due to hormone changes, breasts will increase, itching, deepening of areola, and secrete milk in advance. We must do a good job of cleaning the breast and choose the right underwear.

39. Stretch marks: Most of them depend on physical fitness. During pregnancy, controlling weight is the most effective way to reduce stretch marks.

40. Leg cramps: Avoid sitting for a long time, increase the intake of calcium in the middle and late pregnancy, and massage your calves after soaking your feet before bedtime.

41. Edema: Boil the corn in water, sleep on the left side to sleep, and put the pillow under the leg while sleeping.

42, B secret: drink plenty of water, eat more high -fiber vegetables to maintain exercise, carrot soup and sesame oil have intestinal effects.

43. Frequent urination: Prevent urinary tract infection, drink plenty of water, rinse the Y of all day with warm water, change the underwear, sleep on the side, and do not urinate.

Sitting for a long time.

45. Treatment: Pseudo -contractions may occur in the middle of pregnancy, and your belly is tight and swelling. Sitting down and rest immediately.Frequent contractions need to go to the Y hospital to test the length of the cervix, climb the stairs less, and use the abdomen belt.

Fourth, daily pregnancy

46. Radiation: Mobile phones, computers, and televisions are not harmful to the human body. What is really harmful is ionizing radiation, such as chest slices, and protective clothing is not necessary to wear electromagnetic radiation.

47. Weight: Normal body type pregnant mothers increase their weight by 20 pounds throughout pregnancy, and the baby is about 6 catties of birth.

48. Skin care: You can make makeup normally. Check on the Meixiu to avoid the use of components of pregnant women with caution.

49. Exercise: After 4 months of pregnancy, you can exercise appropriately such as walking and maternity yoga.

50. Sleeping posture: Sleep at random in early pregnancy, lie on -go+side sleep in the middle of pregnancy, and sleep on the left side in the third trimester.

51. Fetal movement: starting at the earliest 16 weeks, the latest 24 weeks (the second child is earlier).

52. Pregnant education: You can start prenatal education when you feel fetal movement (around 12 noon, 8-10 pm).

53. Soak your feet: Soak your feet for 10 ~ 15 minutes before bedtime, and do not high water temperature (do not soak within 1 hour after meal.

54. Bathing: The temperature of bathing water should not be too high, and time should not be too long (avoid hypoxia).

55. Pregnant women: 7-8 months of pregnancy is the best time for pregnant women.

56. Moon 月/Confinement Center: Book 4 months in advance.

57. To produce bags: After 37 weeks of pregnancy, prepare social security cards, inspection materials, ID cards, and production packages to be prepared to be prepared at any time.

58. Fetal heart monitoring: After 32 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do fetal supervision every week, 10-20 minutes each time. You must eat food and move more before doing it. This will be easier to pass.

59. Lamazawa breathing method: 28 weeks of pregnancy practice Lamazawa breathing method, helping to relieve pain in the palace, which helps to give birth.

60. Parenting knowledge: Learning childcare knowledge "Heidi Pregnancy Encyclopedia", "Syls Pregnancy Encyclopedia", "American Parenting Encyclopedia".

61. Symptoms of production: Learn about the production signal lights in advance to avoid busyness at that time.

5. Preparation during pregnancy

62. 0-5 weeks of pregnancy: blood draw, check the progesterone and HCG, and confirm whether you are pregnant.

63. 6-8 weeks of pregnancy: B-ultrasound, see whether the fetal heart buds are active (urinate).

64. 11-13 weeks of pregnancy: NT, measure the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetus (NT <2.5 normal).

65. 12 weeks of pregnancy: File files, comprehensive inspection (empty stomach).

66. 16 weeks of pregnancy: Tang’s/non -invasive, check whether the chromosome is abnormal (empty).

67. 20 weeks of pregnancy: Darge deformed and cardiac ultrasound, you need to make an appointment 1 month in advance (urinary urination)

67. 24 weeks of pregnancy: sugar sieve, screening gestational diabetes (empty stomach).

69. 28 weeks of pregnancy: hepatitis B antigen examination, eliminating hepatitis B and fetal malformations (fasting).

70. Thirty weeks of pregnancy: Small rows, check the widening of the ventricle and hydrocephalus.

71. 32 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, blood routine (preparing fetal supervision).

72. 34 weeks of pregnancy: B -ultrasound, evaluate fetal weight.

73. 36 weeks of pregnancy: Type Bchain screening to prevent premature birth and infection.

74. 37 weeks of pregnancy: fetal position examination+fetal heart monitoring to prevent fetal position from incorrectness.

75. 38 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring+internal examination to determine the production method.

76. 39 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, confirm the condition of mother and child.

77. 40 weeks of pregnancy: fetal heart monitoring, pay attention to fetal movement, and wait at any time.

78. Remember to ask for an empty stomach in advance whether the next checkup is required in advance.

79. Floating: It refers to the night before the inspection, eat and drink water normally, and fast water after 10 pm.

80. Generally, files and production are in the same hospital. There are no basic diseases to choose a near -home inspection.

Six, production articles

81. Seeing red: If it is just a faint bloodshot, there is not much quantity to observe at home.However, if the X quantity is large and the bright red needs to seek medical treatment immediately.

82. Treatment: Pain with pain and regular contractions before giving birth is a precursor to childbirth.The regular contraction is every 5 or 6 minutes, and every 30 seconds, you are going to go to the hospital.

83. Breaking water: Do not walk in a flat lying posture 120. What can control is urinating, and amniotic fluid that cannot be controlled.

84. Shipping: Monitor the frequency of the palace with a fetal heart monitoring belt.

85. Caesarean section: One day in advance, first do B -ultrasound, blood test, skin test, and fast for 10 hours before surgery.

86. Internal inspection: You need to be inspected many times before entering the delivery room. At first, you will be uncomfortable, just relax your breath. Do not be nervous when checking.

87. Painlessness: Painless is the savior of the mother. The palace mouth is 2-3 fingers to get up. Remember to row the urine before playing.

88. Kai Gongkou: If the palace mouth is slow, let her husband go with the corridor to accelerate the opening of the palace.

89. Preparation of skin: Scratching hair, whether it is smooth or cesarean section, just relax, a bit embarrassing but not painful.

90. Playing bed: Gongkou 8 fingers can go to the bed. During childbirth, you can cooperate with the dysmenorrhea. Do not shout the screen gas.

91. Childbirth: Do not work hard, use the strongest when the contraction is the strongest. When the baby’s head comes out without contraction, it will be much easier.

92. Given placenta: After giving birth to a baby, you have to give birth to the placenta. Experienced dysmenorrhea will reach out to pull out the placenta without pain.

93. Side cuts and tear: After the placenta comes out, the midwives will suture the side cut or tearing of the yin at the yin. When the needle is sew, it will be taped, and only the pulling feeling does not hurt.

For you who are pregnant for the first time, I hope to help you and wish all a healthy baby, everything goes well!

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