For the convenience of "up and down"

The elevator was installed in Panlong Famous Mansion, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City, which enhanced the happiness of residents in the community.Correspondent Photo

Core tip

The installation of elevators in the old community is related to the "first step" of the masses, which is particularly of great significance to improve the living conditions of the residents of old communities living with the elderly and the disabled.

In 2022, Xiangtan City completed a total of 325 elevators, with an annual task completion rate of 108%. The renovation and elevator installation of the old community won the provincial government’s praise and inspiration.This year, the installation of elevators is included in the key livelihood project of Xiangtan City. More than 300 elevators will be unplugged, and another group of old community residents will realize the "one -click straight" home.


Enthusiastic residents solve different differences, and the community circle "elevator dream"

In the setting sun, the summer night’s wind faded the summer heat of Xiangtan Sanfu.Taking advantage of the setting sun, He Jinxiu, who lives in Jianlu Street, Xiangtang District, Xiangtan City, pushed the husband in the wheelchair to slowly go downstairs by the elevator, intending to breathe in the nearby urban park.

The elevator taken by the old couple was installed with an elevator with an old community completed at the end of October 2022. The main structure is composed of steel beams and fully transparent tempered glass.

The "young" elevator adds a modern sense to the old building.

"Since installing the elevator, my wife is much more convenient to go out to see a doctor." He Jinxiu said that at the end of 2020, his wife lost the ability to move the right leg due to stroke.Since the 5th floor of the home residential area, you must first help your wife go downstairs and then return to the home to pick up the wheelchair."I have to toss for more than 10 minutes, and I am exhausted every time."

Feng Jiangang, who lives in the same unit as He Jinxiu, shouted "Can’t Eat the Stairs".He told reporters that after getting old, his legs and feet became unfavorable, and climbing the building became more and more difficult.In addition to buying vegetables, I almost do not go downstairs on weekdays."My son often persuaded me to sell here to change the elevator room."

There are more and more residents of "climbing the building", and the voices of looking forward to adding ladders are becoming more and more strong.

In April 2022, He Jinxiu became the leader of the elevator.

"The installation of the elevator requires all the owners within the unit to have the willingness to. It is the first step to do a good job of ideological work in the neighborhood." He Jinxiu said that according to the principle of the cost of installation of the elevator, the owners living on the top floor need to pay the most. At first, the 6th floor ofThe owners always refused on the grounds that "too much fund sorting".

Later, He Jinxiu and his neighbors went upstairs as long as they had time, and persuaded patiently with affection and seeking it.After half a month after "grinding", the owner on the 6th floor finally signed the willingness to add the willingness to the elevator.

After signing the installation of elevator willingness, all kinds of complicated and tedious things followed: understand the construction process process, make the installation of elevator costs allocation plan, find elevator construction units, declare the elevator installation procedures, choose building materials … After 6 after 6 …In the monthly construction, the first elevator was installed in the community to complete the acceptance.

"Although there are many things, fortunately, the neighbors are united and assisted each other, and they are still very happy to do it." He Jinxiu said.

Patient communication, the construction party won the good reputation of the owner

Entering the second phase of Xiaguang Shanzhuang, Xing Road Street, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City, three elevators are being constructed "grouping".

"The safety protection facilities of the elevator must be in place quickly, and the car is about to enter the market immediately.

"Don’t worry, we will install it in the afternoon."

At 10 am on July 16th, Tan Yongjun, general manager of Tanfang Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd., and Yang Xueyong, the captain of the construction, discussed the next construction plan in the elevator corridor in the 6th community.

Yang Xueyong is a native of Zhongsha Town, Xiangxiang City. He has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years.Four years ago, with the rise of the installation of elevators in the old community, he was allowed to be this hot "market cake", and he tied into the elevator’s installation industry.

"At present, there are no less than 80 elevators, and many communities in Xiangtan have the project we have undertaken." Yang Xueyong said.

"With so many projects, is the construction plan unified?" The reporter asked.

"Because the building structure and the layout of the community are not the same, the construction and construction implement the" one community and one plan "first floor building and one strategy ‘, when the construction and the installation materials are selected, you must listen to the owner."The elevator is installed. The construction level must not only be strong, but also tolerate the sexual communication with the owner.

On May 20, Yang Xueyong and the owner made an appointment to check the backfill of the elevator well.According to the requirements of the construction contract, the four owner representatives need to be accepted one by one before the construction can be carried out.Due to the delay of one of the owners, Yang Xueyong and the construction team members waited for nearly 4 hours downstairs, and did not leave until the last owner signed on the construction acceptance form.

When I saw a reporter’s interview, the owner Zhou Yang couldn’t help praising: "The construction team is very responsible. When will the construction, the safety prompts of the material stacking, the elevator installation progress, etc. and the completion of the rectification opinions will be feedback.This kind of construction team is very reliable. "

Cadres running on the front line to resolve the dispute between "add ladders"

At 15:00 on July 18, the reporter pushed the office door of the Housing Construction Bureau of Yuhu District, and the clerk Xie Hui was reviewing the design drawings and approval procedures of the elevator.

"The residential installation of elevators seems simple. In fact, it is a complex system project." Xie Hui said that the approval material for the installation of the elevator is not only a design drawing, but also involves the owner’s committee, community, street, elevator companyThe materials reported by multiple departments such as market supervision, a complete set of review processes need to spend several days.

"Install the elevator project, how to supervise the construction safety and quality?" The reporter asked.

"Every half a month is led by the deputy director of the branch to inspect the quality of elevator engineering and safety production, including security design, construction specifications, regulations and standards.In addition to routine inspections, the elevator is completed and accepted, and the complaints of the masses must rush to the scene.

One day in mid -May, Xie Hui received a complaint from the residents of the Hunan Provincial Geological Investigation Institute. Due to the funding problem of the elevator construction company, the residents were worried that the project would be rotten.

Xie Hui immediately rushed to the scene with the leaders of the Housing Construction Bureau of Yuhu District. I saw a lonely and zero elevator, a steel frame standing in front of the building, and the installed parts were scattered next to the elevator base.Facing the residents of the community, the person in charge of the bureau promised: "We will interview the elevator company as soon as possible to give you a satisfactory result."

The next day, the Yuhu District Housing Construction Bureau interviewed the person in charge of the elevator company and asked the company to strictly implement the main responsibility of the construction unit. Under the premise of insisting on safety production, if the elevator installation project was completed, the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau will provide power to reach the ability of the two hours of negotiation, the person in charge of the elevator company promised to resume work as soon as possible.

In the future, Xie Hui became the "temporary supervisor" of the elevator installation project of the Hunan Provincial Geological Investigation Institute. As long as you have time, you will come to the scene to check the construction quality and progress.At present, the main structure of the elevator wellway has been completed, and the tempered glass has been installed.He said: "For the sake of the masses’" upper and lower ", it is worth it to be tired."


Straight one -click, happiness soaring

What is the effect of installing elevators in the old community? To some extent, test the level of governance of a city.It is not easy to do this complex project. The interests of the owners’ interests and the difficulty of opinion is the biggest difficulty in the installation process of the elevator. How to guide, serve, and support the elevator installation.The ability level of government authorities.

In recent years, Xiangtan City has issued the "Interim Provisions on the Management of Elevator in Xiangtan City" and "Interim Provisions on the Provisional Provident Fund with Multi -Floor Houses in Xiangtan City", "Xiangtan City Urban Districts with Multi -Floor Housing Special Maintenance Application for Special Maintenance Application Residential MaintenanceThe Implementation Rules of Funding ", in terms of contradiction coordination, approval of reporting, completion acceptance, government subsidy, operation and maintenance, pipeline migration, and later management, etc., laying a good foundation for promoting the addition of elevator work.In the first half of this year, a total of 168 units in the city were completed with elevators. Thousands of residents bid farewell to the "dilemma up and down."

Source 丨 Hunan Daily · New Hunan Client Reporter 丨 Editor Jiang Rui 丨 Xiahong Mo Yang (Internship) First instance 丨 Wang Yao Bing Second Trial 丨 Liu Ying third instance 丨 Huang Xiaohui

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