For 5 years in love, the silly girl flows 3 times before pregnancy, and her boyfriend breaks up ruthlessly under her mother

For 5 years in love, the silly girl was pregnant 3 times before pregnancy. The boyfriend broke up helplessly under the persecution of her mother.This is a real story and a tragic story.

The girl’s superficiality, and her body was shocking at will, and the man’s inappropriateness, inaction made me angry.Whether two people finally walk into the marriage hall, they should not hurt the woman’s health.

I can’t imagine what kind of emotions in my heart when Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) entered the operating room for the fourth time, maybe all thoughts are gray.When Xiaoyu needs to take care of the most, her boyfriend seems to be evaporated on earth, allowing Xiaoyu alone to face the terrible operating room alone.

Xiaoyu was pregnant again after three abortion. The boyfriend gave up Xiaoyu only because of her mother’s dislike. It seems that Xiaoyu is an optional person. She doesn’t care how much Xiaoyu loves him at all. Xiaoyu is in this paragraph in this paragraph.Emotional is tragedy, but people who encounter constantly hurt her do not know.

Xiaoyu is really a silly girl. For her boyfriend, she constantly hurts her body. She has repeatedly flowing only to retain a unwavering relationship.Xiaoyu’s family conditions are very difficult. After graduating from junior high school, in order to make up for her family, she was younger and went out to work. She couldn’t find any job without education and young.The assembly line was made in the factory.

What Xiaoyu didn’t expect was that she entered the black factory, and her life was covered with a shadow.

Xiaoyu’s boyfriend is the head of the Xiaoyuliu Water Line. After the two learned that it was a fellow, the communication between the two became more. Xiaoyu’s boyfriend looked good at Xiaoyu.It was better to take care of her at work. It didn’t take long for Xiaoyu to fall, and the two people lived together.

Xiaoyu, who left his hometown, found his boyfriend. He thought he had met his true life son, and Xiaoyu, who was young, was kind and simple. She thought that her boyfriend would always be good to herself.Give a boyfriend, as everyone knows, this is the beginning of his nightmare.

Every time her boyfriend does not take safety measures with Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu does not know how to refuse, and can only let her boyfriend Hu Lai, every time she obediently, but regrets it afterwards.Until the doctor gave her the third diagnosis, Xiaoyu’s uterus had already lost her fertility because of frequent abortion, and now she has lost her fertility. If she continues to surgery, she may lose her life.

At that time, Xiaoyu was stupid. She sat on the chair and looked at the ceiling without eyes. Xiaoyu finally understood the mistakes made by obeying her boyfriend again and again.And Xiaoyu’s boyfriend never appeared again, just because her boyfriend’s mother looked down on Xiaoyu’s family.

Five years of youth, Xiaoyu had nothing to get anything, and her body was already weak, but she could only pretend to be strong. No one knew where she went in the end, and did not know if she had lived a good life now.

Perhaps the experience of most people is not as miserable as Xiaoyu, but Xiaoyu’s story is just a microcosm of thousands of girls, and more "Xiaoyu" still does not know, still hurts himself, and I don’t know if he will regret it in the future.

Naive girls will always be hurt for nothingness, but the love in youth will eventually only end.It is hoped that all the "Xiaoyu" will be able to cheer up after being worn out and be able to start and start their new life.

Winter winter is scattered, Xinghe Changming.Hello everyone, I am the Xinghe River,

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