foods to avoid during pregnancy

It’s time to order all the completely cooked steaks and burgers.Raw or unscocised meat may contain toxoplasma and other bacteria.When you go out for meals, make sure your meat is hot and completely cooked.At home, the temperature of the entire block should reach at least 145 Fahrenheit, the temperature of the minced meat such as the burger bag should reach 160, and the temperature of the chicken breast should reach 165.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice in restaurants, fruit juice bar or farm stalls may not be sterilized without Basal to prevent harmful bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli.Some markets also sell uninterrupted fruit juice in the refrigerator -find a warning label to find the required warning and avoid it.Pregnant women should choose to go through Papani sterilization juice.The juice on the box and the juice in the shelves of the supermarket is also safe.

When your time is tight, the pre -filled turkey or chicken provides a good shortcut.But fresh raw poultry gravy can be mixed with filling, creating a good place for bacteria.Cooking can usually provide protection, but pregnancy can make resistance infection more difficult.A safe choice is to buy frozen pre -made poultry.Be sure to cook directly from frozen -don’t thaw first.The thigh meat should reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fish is good for you and your baby, but you have to choose the fish you eat wisely.Arrow fish, square fish, catfish and sharks contain high -level metal mercury.This metal may be harmful to your baby.You can eat up to 12 ounces of seafood every week, so please choose fish with low mercury content: catfish, salmon, cod and cans pale tuna.If you like long fin tuna (white), restrict yourself at 6 ounces per week.Before taking fish oil or any other supplement during pregnancy, please consult your doctor.

Different from many other food -based bacteria, Lismt bacteria can grow at the temperature in the refrigerator.Therefore, when you are pregnant, you should avoid eating cake that is easy to rot, such as cold disks and hot dogs.You can ensure that they are safe by heating these foods to hot air.

Meat sauce contains ease of rotten meat, so they may also contain Liste bacteria.Keeping the refrigerator at 40 F may slow down the growth of this bacteria, but it will not completely stop it.Because pregnant women are particularly easy to infect Listella, avoid all refrigerated meat sauce is the safest.Spam lovers are lucky.During pregnancy, canned meat sauce is possible -if it is not completely healthy.

It’s time to load fruits and vegetables!Please wash them thoroughly under the flowing water.A parasite called Toxoplasma can live on unwastened fruits and vegetables.It can cause a disease called Toxoplasma, which may be very dangerous for your baby.Do not use soap to clean agricultural products.Instead, scrub the surface with small vegetables.Cut off any bruises, because these areas may contain bacteria.To avoid infection with Liszt bacteria, scrub and dry the hypoodon before cutting melon.

Raw sprout

Do not eat raw bean sprouts, including tadpoles, clover and radish.Bacteria can enter the seeds before the buds start to grow, and these bacteria are almost impossible to be washed away.In a cooked food shop, check the sandwich to ensure that they do not contain raw bean sprouts.At home, completely cook cooked bean sprouts to eliminate any bacteria.

When you look forward to, it is best to skip the smoked salmon on your breakfast.Like instant meat, refrigerated smoked seafood is also prone to infection with Liszto.This includes smoked salmon (usually marked as Nova or Lox), as well as smoked catfish, white salmon, cod, tuna and catfish.It is safe to use smoky seafood in cooked foods such as casserole.

Raw shells are one of the main causes of seafood caused by seafood.The culprits include parasites and bacteria that are usually not found in cooked seafood.So skip the oysters on the shell.As long as you cook the shellfish thoroughly, eating is safe during pregnancy.Boil oysters, clams and mussels until the shell is opened.If anyone is not opened, throw them away.

Fish in the local waters

Unless you know that your local streams, bays and lakes are not polluted, please avoid eating fish you caught.Some lakes and rivers are contaminated by industrial chemicals.Local blue fish, striped sea bass, salmon, barracuda, catfish and corneal white spots may be affected.Please consult your state’s fish and wild animal departments to get more information.

You may not want to insult your friends by avoiding provision of meals.However, if the food is not refrigerated for too long, there is a reason to worry.Follow the 2 -hour rules: Do not place more than 2 hours at room temperature for more than 2 hours.When the temperature is higher than 90 F, the deadline should be 1 hour.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the farm and taste fresh milk?Wait a moment.Freshly collected milk has not yet been protected by Paste’s Bybilosis processes from Liszt bacteria.This may be very dangerous for you and your baby.Only when the label is "Basal sterilization", can you buy milk, cheese or dairy products from the local farm.

There are sufficient evidence now that the appropriate amount of caffeine is safe during pregnancy.But whether more caffeine will increase the chance of miscarriage, there is no conclusion.The March of Dimes recommends that women who are pregnant or try should limit caffeine to 200 mg per day.It was a cup of 12 ounces of coffee.But remember that soda, tea, chocolate and many energy drinks also contain caffeine.

You already know that a large amount of alcohol during pregnancy will cause serious birth defects.What you may not know is that even a small amount of alcohol may be harmful.It was not found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is safe, so it is best to avoid all forms of alcohol.This includes wine, beer, cooler and traditional egg wine, which contain alcohol and raw eggs.

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