Following the 92 -year -old grandfather to eat black beans, nourish liver and kidney, sufficient vitality, longevity, save money and simple

He is a 92 -year -old and superb cooking old man

Make a reunion for more than a dozen people in the family every week

In the eyes of four children, it is an omnipotent all -around father

His breakfast is inseparable from the same food

He always does a move every day

What is this food?

What is his movement every day?

Today, take you into the life of Grandpa Hoho Tana 92

We learn from Grandpa Gu to learn his health secrets

01 vinegar soaked black beans

Nourishing liver and kidney, converging liver qi

Grandpa Gu Hou Tian was 92 years old. When he was young, he spent a hard time.

His wife, Ms. Wang Hongqin, left the world at the age of 38.Every time I said this, Grandpa couldn’t help crying.

Missing his wife, Grandpa pulled the four children to grow up, and the children’s sweaters were woven by himself.

Only a healthy body can support the entire home.Therefore, for Grandpa Gu, health and health have become his habit.

Grandpa Gu collected a lot of newspapers, remembering healthy notes, and buying popular science books.

His healthy life has begun since breakfast.

First put the black beans and soy beans that were soaked last night into the soymilk machine and hit a bowl of soy milk.

Eat another egg, sometimes cooking eggs or egg soup, and sometimes fried.

On Grandpa’s table, there is also a special food -vinegar soaked black beans.

Grandpa has been jealous of black beans for more than 20 years and eats 40 capsules before breakfast every day.

Today, Grandpa also shared the practice of vinegar soaked black beans with us.

Vinegar soaked black beans

Ingredients: long black beans, vinegar.


① Wash the long grain small black beans, dry it under the sun, and then install it in a clean jar.

② Pour in vinegar, no black beans, cover the lid for a month.

Every month, Grandpa will be soaked in a can in advance, so that new beans can be eaten next month.

Director Zhang Jin of Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine told us that Chinese medicine believes that black beans have the effects of nourishing kidney diuretic and qi. There are some problems of lack of kidney qi in the 92 -year -old elderly. Eating black beans is good for the body.

In addition, this black beans are soaked in vinegar. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that vinegar has the effects of dispersing blood, swelling, and moisture.

Therefore, vinegar soaked with black beans to nourish the liver and kidney, converge the liver qi, and the liver and kidney are foot. Qingyang can rise to the head, which can relieve the problem of dizziness.

02 Smile, ten years young

Healthy and longevity cannot be separated from a good attitude. Grandpa Gu, who was born in farmers, has been engaged in planting flowers and vegetables for a lifetime.

After retirement, the flowering flowers also became a hobby, and all corners of the home were filled with green plants loved by Grandpa.

Speaking of the green plants that have been planted by myself, Grandpa is particularly proud:

"I have been raised for 50 years, you can find the place where you sell flowers, you can’t find such a big tree!"

Sitting next to the green plants and admiring these free flowers and plants, I felt that my mood was purified.

Director Zhang Jin reminds Grandpa and the elderly friends in front of the screen that these big flower pots are very heavy. When the elderly move the heavy objects, be careful not to damage the waist, and do not fall.

In addition to taking care of flowers and plants, there are fish and birds in the home.

Originally, there was a tank of goldfish at home. Later, the son sent a pair of parrots to his grandfather.Grandpa took care of these small lives every day, and his face was unable to stop.

In idle, Grandpa Gu often gathered in the park with his old friends and played a chess card.

The old friends said, don’t look at Grandpa Gu, 92 years old, his mind is not confused at all, and he walks like a wind.

Even if he lost his card and was "punished" by his old friends, he wore flowers on his head. Grandpa Gu not only was not angry, but smiled happier.

03 Sauce tofu steamed meat

A loved ones and food are never absent

For decades, Grandpa Gu’s dedication and difficulties, children are all in their eyes, remembering them.

Make more accompanying the old father, it is an unscrupulous agreement for four children.So every Saturday is a fixed family gathering of Grandpa Gu.

This is also the most anticipated and happiest day of Grandpa Gu.

The steamed meat of sauce tofu is Grandpa’s master dish. The color and fragrance are full. The whole family loves to eat. It is an indispensable dish for family dinner every week.

It takes nearly 4 hours from pickling to outpowers.Therefore, Grandpa will make meat a day in advance, this is decades.

Sauce tofu steamed meat

Ingredients: pork belly, sauce tofu, large ingredients (octagonal), cinnamon, fragrant leaves, shallots, ginger.


① Wash the pork belly and cut into slices.

② Spring sauce tofu, cut green onions, slices of ginger.

③ Mix all the above seasonings with the meat slices, without water, stir well, it is best to marinate for 1 hour to taste.

④ Pack the marinated meat slices in a small bowl. Each bowl has 1 large ingredient, and the pot is steaming for 2 hours.

⑤ After steaming, leave the pan and put it on the plate upside down.

Grandpa Gu will use 2 bottles of sauce tofu for 5 pounds of pork belly. You can adjust according to your personal taste and meat dosage.If you like sweet mouth, you can add some sugar.

The tableta sweet potatoes, red roasted fish, oil shredded shrimp, fried balls … The dining table of Grandpa Gu’s house is really rich.

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