Folklore: Carpenter goes up the mountain to cut trees, accidentally hurt the pregnant mother, mother snake: Go home and engraved me at the dining table


In the distant countryside, the night fell, and a round moon was hung in the sky, and the starlight was a little bit.On this quiet night, a strange thing is about to happen.Let us enter this magical folk story and feel its charm together.

On such a quiet night, a diligent carpenter quietly climbed into Houshan with his tools.His purpose is very simple, just to add some necessary furniture to his family.However, when he chopped the first tree, an unexpected thing happened.

The carpenter found that there was a pregnant mother snake beside the tree he was cut down.Her round body was obviously to protect the children in the belly.

The carpenter was scared by this scene, and he had never encountered such a situation.In fear and anxiety, he decided to take a special measure to protect himself and his family.

The carpenter carefully took the mother’s snake home and decided to portray a safe space for her at the dining table.He hopes that in this way, he can make the mother snake a peaceful residence, and also bring a peace to himself and his family.

Over time, the mother snake successfully made a nest in a small snake in the carpenter’s home.Seeing this scene, the carpenter’s heart was full of movement.He realized that his decision provided a safe home for this poor mother and her child.

This story tells us that even when facing fear and difficulties, we should learn to protect ourselves and people around.

At the same time, we can see the importance of courage and responsibility from the story.In the face of unknown difficulties, the carpenter did not choose to escape, but chose to face it bravely.

Let us draw wisdom and strength from this folk story, let us pay attention to the small things around us, and learn to protect ourselves and people around us.At the same time, you must always remind yourself that the true meaning of life lies in caring for others, and the meaning of happiness is to take responsibility and courage.

In this world full of challenges and opportunities, we can all become carpenters in the story and face all kinds of difficulties in life with a kind and brave heart.Let us deeply understand the meaning of this story, integrate it into our daily life, and pass it to more people.

The ending of the story makes us understand that sometimes one of our little moves may bring great help to others.Therefore, let us pay more attention to the people and things around us from now on, and use our actions to warm their hearts.

Finally, let’s return to that quiet night again, lamenting the hard -working and brave carpenter.He used his action to interpret the meaning of life, taught us to care for others and be brave.May this story be circulated in people’s hearts, becoming a beacon that illuminates our road.

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