Folk story: My sister accompanies her sister’s temple to ask for children, but my sister was pregnant afterwards, and she took a windy month case.

During the Song Dynasty, there was a surnamed surnamed in Yangzhou. His sister called colorful birds, and her sister called colorful leaves.The parents of the sisters died prematurely, and they depended on each other. They lived on a stitch to make up their clothes. The neighbors of the neighborhood were good and often helped.

The old saying is good, the male is married, the female is married, and the sisters are outstanding in appearance. There is no shortage of pursuers. At the age of marriage, the matchmaker introduced several of them to the two, but they did not say.

This summer, the sisters went to the river to wash clothes. Due to the turbulent water, one of them was washed away.Caiye didn’t think much about it. He went straight to the depths of the river and wanted to pick up his clothes. As a result, he stepped on the sky without paying attention to the dark current.

On the occasion of the moment, a figure jumped into the river and successfully held the colorful leaves out, and then she escaped.The young and handsome son was saved. The sisters were very grateful, and they bowed.I learned in the conversation that this person was Lan Qiyun and lived in the town.

After a few words, the three were separated.Until two days later, the sisters visited the door in person to show their life.When the two came to Lan Qiyun’s residence, they discovered that he was originally a son -in -law from Li Yuan.

Li Yuan is a well -known local rich man. He has thousands of acres of Liangtian and Wan Guan family wealth, but he has only one daughter, calling as a small vegetarian.The sisters heard that Li Yuan found a son -in -law not long ago. I didn’t expect it was Lan Qiyun.Lan Qiyun’s wife happened to be there. After hearing about things, she took the initiative to invite the sisters into the house.She was cheerful and soon became a piece with the two.

Cai Ye looked at Lan Qiyun sitting aside, and his face was stiff with a stiff smile, and he didn’t look very comfortable.Later, she learned that Lan Qiyun was born in poor, and with the Li family, her status was not high. Even some of the people on the government did not convince him, but this was all the last.

Xiaosu heard that the sisters had not married, so they took the initiative to become a matchmaker, saying that they would introduce them a few.Sisters look at each other, and it is not easy to refuse.However, I have to admit that the quality of the men Xiaosu knows is very high. They are all gentle and elegant family sons. They have character and kindness and will not look down on the poor sisters.

Under the matching of Xiaosu, her sister Cai Que married a son of Cheng Cheng.Cheng Gongzi was born in Shuxiangmen, and fell in love with Cai Taka at first sight. After the two got married, he was worried that Cai Que was not used to live, and he deliberately took his sister Cai Ye to accompany him.Cai Ye was also very satisfied with this brother -in -law, and he obeyed his words.

The problem of my sister was solved, and Cai Ye was left. Xiaosu and Cheng Zi worked hard to introduce Cai Ye more than ten, but she didn’t see it, which made everyone very distressed.Cai Ye didn’t care, and said that she was still young. After two years of considering this, everyone saw her so insisting and stopped asking.

Since then, Cai Ye has been with her sister.Because Cai Ta’s belly has never reacted, she was a little anxious, but she had no help.Soon after, Cai Que heard that the signs of a temple outside the city were very spiritual, so they took my sister together.

Every few days, Caiye will accompany her sister to the temple.Not only that, Caique will also listen to the monks in the hall, and it will take more than a hour every time.Cai Ye was not interested in this, so he wandered in the temple until his sister heard the scriptures and then left.

After more than a month, Caique’s belly had no response, but her sister Cai Ye suddenly became pregnant.

On that day, the family was eating in front of the table, but Cai Ye suddenly felt nauseous, and then rushed into the yard to vomit.Cheng Gongzi and Cai Xue were worried, and immediately took her to see Lang Zhong. As a result, Lang Zhong had a pulse and found that she was pregnant.

The unmarried pregnancy was taboo at the time. Cheng Gongzi quickly suppressed the matter and took the Caiye back home.Caique did not expect that her sister would make such a big mistake and kept asking who the child’s father was.But Caiye is just a tear, and he doesn’t say a word, which can make Cai Xingyu.

After half a month, Caique has been comforting again, and Cheng Gongzi has been helping people to investigate.Seeing that my sister was always reluctant to relax, Caique finally gave up.

On this day, Caique was going to the temple again, so she took the initiative to find her sister, hoping to take her out to disperse and change her mood.Cai Ye immediately agreed that the two came to the temple outside the city and sent the colorful bird into the hall. Caiye strolled around the temple again.

When she walked to the back door, she quietly slipped out while not paying attention, and followed a small road behind the temple to a dilapidated wooden house.At the door of the wooden house, there was a figure, and after seeing Caiye, he ran away excitedly and hugged him into the room.

It didn’t take long for a while, there was a fierce quarrel in the house.In the next second, the door of the house was pushed away, Cheng Gongzi, Cai Taka, Xiaosu and others rushed in, but when they saw the two in the house, they stunned.

It is not someone else with Caiye, it is Xiaosu’s husband, Lan Qiyun.It turns out that the child in the belly of the colorful leaves is his.It may be that it was rescued that time, and Cai Ye moved to Lan Qiyun, and Lan Qiyun often secretly sought her meeting, and the two came together.The reason why Caiye is willing to accompany her sister to the temple is to meet him in this waste cabin.

In this meeting, Cai Ye told Lan Qiyun about pregnancy.Prior to this, Lan Qiyun said more than once that he had no dignity beside Xiaosu. After he said that the time was mature, he would fly with Xiaosu and Li, and took the color leaves to fly high.But after he knew that Cai Ye was pregnant, he panicked and even proposed to break up.Cai Ye never expected that the person he loved would be so decisive and quarreled with him.

But what she didn’t know was that Da Gongzi had found her whereabouts during the investigation. In order to capture the child’s father, Cai Que deliberately attracted it to the temple.After Xiaosu learned of this, she also came, but she also found the scandal of her husband.

Xiaosu and Lan Qiyun completely turned over, but this matter was not over. After careful investigation, they found that Lan Qiyun not only linked to Cai Ye, he even cheated five women at the same time, one of them had already been for him.There was a child.In addition, Lan Qiyun was carrying a murder. Before leaving his hometown, he had a child who had a child. Tong Yangyu came to him, but was brutally killed by him.

After all the truth was white, Lan Qiyun was arrested and imprisoned, and was punished.Xiaosu was also regarded as a righteousness, and took all the girls who were deceived by Lan Qiyun to the home and took good care of them.As for Caiye, because she couldn’t accept such a big blow, unfortunately had a miscarriage. Fortunately, her sister had been with her, and she slowly walked out of the haze in her heart.

Many years later, Cai Ye married a honest cargo dealer and lived a happy and stable life.

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