Fetal dreams are said to suggest that there are boys and girls. Did your family get the time?

Dreaming seems to be what most people are doing every day, and there are many types of dreams.Scientifically explained that the content of dreams was formed by the divergence of human subconscious thinking.However, for some people’s dreams of "past life, this life" or some magical "fetal dreams", these have no scientific basis to explain clearly.So have pregnant mothers also have a baby dream?What kind of fetal dreams are they all?

Recognize *** Xue: There is another week in my due date. My husband said that he had a dream. A little girl kept letting her husband play with her.It’s right.Her husband asked her, can we play together in the future?She smiled and said yes, you saw me three days later, and disappeared after speaking.On the third day when my husband finished this dream, I really gave birth to a daughter.

Back to *** Sweet: I have not succeeded in preparing for half a year of pregnancy with my husband. One night after dreaming, the dream suddenly flashed in the dream. I saw a doll running to me and shouting my mother loudly. I hugged and ran over.Doll, crying happily.I woke up later.I told my husband about this dream. He asked me to test the test strip. I didn’t expect to be pregnant.

Thinking *** Heart: When I was seven months pregnant, I dreamed that my baby cried and shouted to me. Mom, why don’t you want me?I was so scared that I woke up, and my stomach hurt after waking up. Thinking of my dream just now, I quickly woke up my husband and went to the hospital in the middle of the night.The doctor said at the time that it was a precursor to miscarriage. Later, he lived in the hospital for a week before the baby was stable.Now the baby is two years old, very healthy.

Yi ***: I just knew that when I was pregnant, I dreamed that the cactus at home opened two and the flowers.At that time, I did not think of the couplet with the fetal dream until I gave birth to the twin daughter, and I remembered the dream and felt strange.

Love *** Deep: When I was just married, my mother said that she dreamed that a little golden snake followed her and entered her.Mom said that you pay attention this month to see if you are pregnant.At that time, I also said that she had feudal superstition. I did not expect that the holiday was postponed that monthly holiday. Later, I tried it with a test strip and was really pregnant.My mother also said that she usually dreamed of a snake, that is, a boy, dreaming of flowers, girls.I still think my mother is superstitious, but I was beaten later and really gave birth to a boy.Now I am particularly believed in this.

Many people say that the dream of fetal dreams is just a normal phenomenon of thinking about the day, and there is a normal phenomenon of dreams at night.In fact, we don’t have to see the baby dream so mysterious. There are many magical things in nature that have not been cracked.But it is certain that these fetal dreams are full of parents and mother, and other family people’s expectations for new life.But sometimes it ’s not possible to rely on dreaming. What are the problems with your baby? Pregnant mothers are still more reliable to find a doctor.

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