Fertilizer has no feeling in bed

Girl Xia’s temper was very bad. Just now she was shining, and the eyes of dazzling people couldn’t open. Suddenly a few thunders, the rainstorm poured down, watching the lightning and thunder of the electricity outside the window.I was thinking that someone knocked on the door. The girl Li sat down wet. She told me that I was 22 years old and had been married for eight months. The menstruation has always been very regular.I was worried that I would be pregnant. It is about the 22nd day of menstruation. I saw Dr. Chen’s popular science knowing whether it was the bed period, and I wanted to ask how I can know if I have a bed.

Seeing the simple appearance of the little Li Li, you don’t want to think about it, so you will be popular.

Many young women who have no experience in breeding have such questions when they are doubting that they are pregnant: What are the symptoms when fertilized eggs are in bed?How do you know the fertilized eggs?Can I feel it?I want to use this to preliminary judgment whether I am pregnant.The fact is that from the fertilization of the fertilized eggs to the bed, almost all of them are not silent. Except for a few pregnant women who have physiological bleeding and slight spasm, most of the cases do not feel the feeling.Essence

Didn’t you feel?doctor

No, in the subsequent time, you can slowly feel that a series of symptoms will appear, and you will notify you that you may be pregnant!

After the fertilized eggs, it is the success that represents the success of women. At the beginning, there was no manifestation, but some corresponding symptoms would occur slowly. The most direct menstruation stopped.After more than 5–10 days, it is likely to be pregnant, and there will be some symptoms of joy, such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, weak limbs, fatigue and sleepy, and each person’s symptoms are different.By then, you can go to the hospital in time to do a blood HCG examination, which can be confirmed as soon as possible.

What is the reason why there is no bed?

The main reasons for the failure of fertilized eggs in bed are:

1. Immune factors.

Immune factors are the main causes of fertilized eggs.Women have two immune factors in the same kind of immunity and autoimmune. They cause sperm, sperm, and fertilized eggs to be absorbed by the vagina and uterine epithelium by the same kind of immune., Can directly cause the fertilized eggs to not bed.

2. Insufficient progesterone secretion.

Due to insufficient progesterone’s secretion, women are unsatisfactory, which causes the women’s uterine endometrium abnormalities, which can also cause fertilized eggs to not bed.

3. Poor uterine development.

Women’s uterine dysplasia can cause submucosal fibroids, endometrial barren, endometrium polyps and uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis, resulting in fertilized eggs without bed.

4. Excessive pressure.

Women suffer from infertility psychological pressure, causing excessive mental tension. For a long time, it will cause too much stress, and it can also cause fertilized eggs to not appear in bed and affect their normal fertility.

Oh, can I check it first today?

You can take a blood test around a week after ovulation. If the HCG value of the blood has not risen, it will fail in bed.

Doctor Chen, my menstrual cycle is 28 days. Today is the 22nd day of menstruation. Can you check it?

There are six days to come to menstruation, which is okay.

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