Female teacher derailed teacher during pregnancy!Chat content is exposed "excitement, crazy"

When it comes to the teacher, the first impression is serious. It is majestic in the eyes of the students, giving a sense of deterrent.In the impression, male classmates will have a better relationship with the male teacher, while the female classmates have a better relationship with the female teacher.

Whenever a little teacher’s rumors are novel and unimaginable in the eyes of students.After all, teachers are "preaching and teaching" in our minds, and the images that are not disrupted by the teacher.

But the female teacher’s "Liao Sao" record with other male teachers during pregnancy was exposed.The content of the chat is not only subverting the three views, but also like "comparable to the scene."Netizens said: During the day, work and life at night.

Everyone has their own two sides, happy side, and unhappy side.On the front side, behind the side.There is always one side that I don’t want to make people know.

This happened at a university in Taiyuan, Shanxi.Some students knew that the incident said that eating a lot of melons on the Internet, and I didn’t expect that this melon would appear in front of them, which was too explosive.If you want to break his head, you can’t think of this female teacher.

According to the understanding, the heroine’s surname Wang and the male master Wu Gong all worked at school.

This female teacher already has a family and a son. The family was already happy and happy, but she did not expect to do such a violation of morality.It is said that because the female teacher had a close relationship with the teacher during pregnancy, it broke through the bottom line and did this extraordinary thing.

After the chat history was exploded, the content was quite "crazy and exciting", and it was even more stable by netizens: The green hat of Mr. Wang’s husband was quite stable.

According to the chat content, the two have more than once, but many times.The green hat of this teacher Wang is probably small, and it is already a large green grassland.

According to the content of the chat, these two teachers are more than just open, they just hold it!The netizens who saw all said: There is indeed a reaction …

However, some netizens believe that the teacher’s derailment is only a loss of private morality, and it cannot smell his achievements in teaching because of the mistakes of private life.This is just a matter of life style, which has nothing to do with career.

Moreover, the relationship between private life and professional ethics is complex, not a public figure, and there is no problem with negative guidance.This is just a private life.

Many netizens put their attention at the end: "The last time is in the back row of the car, and it is still a big time." It is "hungry", have you ever thought about life safety, have you ever thought about your child’s safety?IntersectionThis has surpassed the moral bottom line, which is a murderous.

Obviously all kinds of statements include: some people eat melon, some criticism, and some agree, but no matter what they think, the two teachers will eventually be dealt with.

The two teachers involved have been transferred out of teaching positions, and at the same time, they have canceled all the qualifications for the two people’s evaluation selection within two years.The next facing the family of the two, the original happy life was defeated by this so -called "stimulus, crazy".Will they be defeated by the family next?They all asked for themselves.

In the eyes of students, teachers’ words and deeds are teaching, and students even imitate.Will the negative factors arising from this incident bring a bad impact or conduction on students?

What are the opinions of this incident?Write in the comment area to discuss.

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