Female students in key universities, I do n’t know that they are pregnant, they are in danger after being admitted to the hospital, and the doctor will be unable to return to heaven!

This year’s winter vacation, a major college student in a key university came to the hospital for a high blood pressure and headache.

At the age of less than 20 years old, blood pressure is high, and heart failure is manifested, denying sexual life.

The doctor thought: This is strange!

Her parents were very anxious. Her dad also rushed back from outside. The family had no history of hypertension and heart disease. Why did she suffer?

So, what is the culprit that leads to high blood pressure and heart failure?

Through the examination, the doctor repeatedly asked the medical history again. The female college student finally admitted that she had a boyfriend, and later confirmed that pregnancy was the early stage of severe eclampsia.

As for why she was pregnant, she didn’t find it. In fact, she didn’t notice it, but she didn’t realize it.

Clinically, we often meet many women with irregular menstruation, and the ovulation date is uncertain.They thought of gaining weight to gain weight, and they were fat. They had had irregular vaginal bleeding before, and they were mistaken for menstruation.

The most commonly used method in life is the "early pregnancy" test strip or HCG measurement. One period of 7 days after the fertilized eggs, that is, 14 days after ovulation can have positive test results.

For those women who have no long -term menstruation, you must not think of granted that your menstruation is inaccurate and there is no possibility of conception.Often, irregular menstruation believes that they are impossible to get pregnant, neglected to take contraceptive measures, and the risk of unexpected pregnancy is higher. At this time, you should be suspected of pregnancy and determine it at the hospital for examination.

Early pregnancy reaction is also a common manifestation after pregnancy. Generally, it appears about 6 weeks after menopause, and it is significantly reduced by about 12 weeks of pregnancy.In addition, there are some performance that can help judge, such as fatigue, the high temperature of the basic body temperature for more than 3 weeks.

The regular menstrual regularly stops after 40 days of menstruation can help judge early pregnancy. If the fetal heart beating is measured, this is evidence of confirmation of pregnancy.

In short, the diagnosis of early pregnancy needs to be combined with medical history, signs, auxiliary examinations, etc., and the diagnosis is reliable, and many pregnancy -related questions will be found.

Like female college students, we need to keep fetal preservation!Her parents scolded directly in the clinic!

The final tragedy ending is: "The rescue failed, the mother died!"

After listening to the doctor, my mother was incredible and cried out of her voice. The little girl who had just been admitted to a key university was so gone. In the end, she did not know who the child’s father in the stomach was.

Soon the new year college entrance examination season, remind you of young people, end the college entrance examination, relax, do not indulge, really can’t control, remember to contraception!

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