Fart during pregnancy is embarrassing, I have a trick to suppress this power of floods

After pregnancy, I faced a lot of embarrassing problems. In addition to being unable to hold urine and running to the toilet, there is also always farting. It is also very embarrassing.This power of floods is simply unable to suppress. At the beginning, even my husband often disliked me and said that you fart again.

Over time, I felt uncomfortable, so I quickly learned to adjust and share my experience with you.

Why do you often fart after pregnancy?I went to check the information. It turned out that when I was pregnant, due to changes in hormone secretion, the flatulence in the early pregnancy was the most obvious.Because at this time, the stomach acid is too much, those lutein in the body gradually increases, the intestinal peristalsis is poor, and the digestion and excretion function will naturally be affected.

When it comes to the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the stomach does not grow slowly, it will press the intestines, and the intestines will not want to move, so it is easy to bloating.Thinking of the time when I was pregnant at the company’s lunch break, I often lay on the table to compress the intestinal flatulence, and this was deepened after pregnancy.Therefore, there is a conclusion that where there is oppression, there will be intestinal resistance!

>>> Harm of Bloating

Although everyone said that after the baby enters the basin about 36 weeks, the problem of bloating will be solved accordingly.However, if severe flatulence causes poor appetite and does not want to eat, it will actually affect the intake of nutrition during pregnancy, serious or even affect the baby’s development.

>>> What should I do if I do it?

If it is caused by severe constipation due to flatulence, you can go to the hospital, and the doctor will prescribe some mild laxatives to help the defecation.I tried constipation to prescribe the medicine when I had a friend beside me. It was repeatedly confirmed that the doctor would not have an impact on the baby before daring to eat it.So if you are constipated, please go to a doctor, don’t take medicine in private.Not to mention that you can bear it because you are afraid of taking medicine. This is also not good for the baby.

In addition, I often feel that my stomach is bloating and uncomfortable as me. Pregnant mothers who fart should pay attention. Please think about whether you often eat things such as glutinous rice.Like me, I especially like to eat glutinous rice products, but I didn’t dare to eat it after flatulence.

To improve the situation of bloating and fart, first of all, our diet structure must be improved, and more fruits and fruits rich in cellulose are.Foods such as noodle rice that are prone to bloating can be appropriately reduced. For meat, beef and fish are also a healthier choice.At the same time, fried foods such as fried chicken and potato strips should be cautious with snacks such as ice cream, which is not only prone to bloating, but also easily cause diarrhea.

In addition, pay attention to improving your diet structure and eat as little meal as much as possible.Don’t see what you like to eat, eat fiercely, don’t eat so full, make the stomach uncomfortable.

In drinks, don’t drink soda milk tea. Drinking more hot water is the king.

In exercise, you can try to massage yourself and remember this correct massage method:

After 1 hour after meals, gently lie down, 45 degrees and a half lying position, and the massage should not be too large, about 4 to 6 times a day.

Starting from the upper right abdomen, move it clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage the left lower abdomen. Remember not to massage the part of the uterus in the middle.Otherwise, it is easy to cause contraction. If there is a condition of bleeding or uterine contraction, the massage should be stopped immediately.

Of course, if you have conditions, you can learn about pregnant women or yoga during pregnancy.But if you can’t do these, please take your husband to take a walk after eating every day.I will go out to walk with my husband every night after eating, which not only solves the dog’s internal urgency problem, but also solves the problem of flatulence.

In the final analysis, these small discomforts that appear during pregnancy still need to pay attention to intervention early.As long as you do hold your mouth and open your legs, many problems can be solved. I hope that every pregnant mother can stay away from the problem of bloating and farting.

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