Fabio Jie Baby Gender "Be prepared to be scared" excited kiss wife and ask twice: Really

Reporter Cai Yifang / Comprehensive Report

The French male Fayo opened its popularity because of the show "One in the 2nd", and the handsome appearance was fascinated by many girls. He proposed to Taiwan’s girlfriend successfully in 2020 and announced the good news of pregnancy in July.It is necessary to welcome the baby’s birth.Fabio shared the release of the baby’s sex on the 5th, and revealed that it was already ready for psychological preparation, but it was even more surprised.

For about 3 months of Fabio, the baby will be greeted.(Photo / Facebook / Fabio Grangeon -Fabio)

On the 5th, Fabio produced the baby’s gender announcement on the social platform PO. He revealed that a few days ago was his own proposal anniversary. After returning home from work, he found that his wife prepared a surprise of gender announcement for him.Fabio said that since the fourth month of the baby, others have always told him that "it will be a male baby", and even the nurse said so, "So although I have held back 4 months, I don’t want to know the gender.Baby … As a result, it’s a girl !!! "

Fabio announced that the baby was a daughter.(Photo / Facebook / Fabio Grangeon -Fabio)

In the uploaded film, Fabio was so nervous that he dared not poke the balloon. He finally made up his mind to break through, and found that the scattered paper flower represents the pink of the girl, and immediately took a breath.", Then excitedly holding his wife’s face kiss.He said in the PO text: "I really feel incredible when I see pink floral … I’m really happy, happy, and happy!" And said that her daughter was the ninth girl in her family, and asked, "What did I do in my last life …? "I looked forward to the arrival of my daughter.

▼ Fabio shared the process of poking balloons.(Photo / Facebook / Fabio Grangeon -Fabio)

【Farbio Full Text】

Daddy ’s Girl is on the way !!

A few days ago I went home from get off work and saw the surprise of DES for me to prepare.That day was the anniversary of our proposal.I seem to have never been nervous …

Since the fourth month, the people around me have always said that they will be a male baby, including nurse; so although I have held back four months, I don’t want to know gender, I am ready to welcome the male baby …

As a result, it’s a girl!IntersectionIntersectionI really feel incredible when I see pink floral .. I am really happy, happy, and happy!

(Welcome the ninth girl to my family .. What did I do in my last life … ?!!)

Dad is looking forward to seeing you!

Few Days AGO for Our Engagement Anniversary, Des Prepared Me this beautiful surprise.since the fireh manth, Everyone was telling us that it would be a boy, nursee Included, so i was 90 %our to see Blue CONFETTIS Coming Out of this Balloon …Unil .. Check out your reaction on the last video !!


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