Exposure of Big S will produce 9 months of pregnancy, and Ge Junzhang takes care of him, Wang Xiaofei decisively picks up the child

Is Da S really pregnant?According to Korean media, Da S is suspected to have been pregnant for nine months, but Gu Junxuan has always maintained mystery and disclosure. Big S usually takes care of Gu Junyu at home.As soon as this news came out, netizens couldn’t wait to inform Zhang Lan, who was broadcasting live. Sure enough, a wonderful imitation show was performed by Sister Lan himself.Guangguang also made netizens happy, and I had to say that Sister Lan’s live broadcast was too level.

The media also broke the news that Wang Xiaofei went to Taiwan to prepare to pick up the child. Before that, because of the custody right, did he give Wang Xiaofei directly after having a child?I still remember that Little S broke the news before. Big S had to help Junyi even with urine. I did n’t understand at home. I just shouted a dad. Grandpa Grandpa immediately hugged her.EssenceAnd Gu Junye revealed on the show: "Big S is very weak now, and you can’t go too much." Xiao S helped the side: "As long as the father is around, the big S does not need to move a finger." So Big SIs it really pregnant?

Of course, many people still feel that this picture described by Grandpa is most likely caused by large S medicine.We all know that these days because of the serial collapse caused by Huang Zijiao, the size S is deeply trapped, and even Jun Jun can’t escape.When Huang Zijiao broke the news that when Da S and Gu Junjun were together, they were taken to South Korea to "travel", but when they arrived, they were gathered, which left a great psychological shadow for Huang Zijiao.Now that there are so many news that burst out, it is difficult to not doubt. This is the news that Big S deliberately covered the news that it was dismissed to confuse the audiovisual, so it was difficult to judge its authenticity.

But if you are really pregnant, Wang Xiaofei will take the two children back to Beijing, and netizens are very happy for Wang Xiaofei.As a husband who has been a big S for so many years, Wang Xiaofei has been fulfilled at all. He has returned to the electricity fee for so long for Grandpa Grandpa, and he has to sell them clothes and shoes and pay daily spending.Unjust.However, he still worked hard for the custody of the two children. When he drank the "mixed medicine" water before Big S, Wang Xiaofei exploded in place, which was completely a strong image of mutual wife.

Maybe the big S is only Wang Xiaofei. Only Wang Xiaofei strongly discouraged her after Big S medicine, so that she was away from Xiao S, and said to the big S many times: "Your sister is harming you." Unfortunately, everyone was everyone.As a brother -in -law who provokes away.In the news of Huang Zijiao’s breaking news, it is also a member of the medicine with Da S. The same is true of the four sisters. This is such a group of friends and a group of lovers.

Just kidding your own life, you have to pull the so -called friends and lover to launch the water. Now they are indeed a person on the boat, so they hide each other.Many people in the circle know that their sisters are playing with flowers, and they are on the mountains, and no one dares to jump out to testify them. Now Huang Zijiao can explode, presumably he wants to have a fish with them.Maybe Wang Xiaofei has given Da S’s huge support for the big S, and it has been brought to "big things" by Da S and Ge Junjun. Do you have any opinions on this?

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