Experts have shown that the same room during pregnancy is good for the fetus, Bao Dad: Why don’t you say early

Experts show that the correct sexual life during pregnancy can not only increase the relationship between husband and wife, but also help the development of the fetus.Remember that early pregnancy (before 1–3 months) cannot have the same room to prevent abortion. In the third trimester (7 months-before childbirth), premature premature homes should also be avoided.The fetus will not hurt the fetus during pregnancy, the fetus develops in the uterus, and the vagina is isolated.So don’t worry about hurting your baby.When the fetus was in the same room in the same room, the fetus only felt shaking, and there was almost no other feeling.

I do n’t know what to pay attention to during pregnancy. Many people have heard that they are unable to live during pregnancy. At the moment of Bao Ma ’s pregnancy, they have done a sexual life for a year. However, this idea is just a wishful thinking, not correctIn the right pregnancy, the same room can bring good benefits to the baby, and understand it.

1. What are the benefits of the same room during pregnancy?

The same room during pregnancy can make Baoma feel happy, and the blood circulation in the abdomen is more comfortable. The nutrition and oxygen in the Pigpan Lake District will be more. It can promote the body and brain development of the fetus, and make the baby born with a stronger response.

Doctors suggest: Pregnant mothers need to do some exercise during pregnancy, and sexual life is also a kind of exercise.During the same room, pregnant mothers need to do some exercise, which can help the contraction of the discolored muscle and help pregnant mothers to give birth.

For a long time, Bao Da Bao’s mother cannot enjoy sexual life. The two will have complaints. Proper sexual life can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and also make Bao Da Bao mom feel happy.

2. Precautions during pregnancy

4-7 months of pregnancy have the development of the placenta, which has been perfected. This stage is a safe period and can be moderate in the same room.Pay attention to the same room: the strength should not be too great, the movement should be light, not too fast, avoid compressing the abdomen of the pregnant mother.In the same room, you should also ensure hygiene and avoid bacterial infections.During the same room, pay attention to the state of Bao Ma at all times. If you have a little discomfort, stop immediately, it is best to send it to the hospital for examination.

Although you can pay the same room during pregnancy, you should pay attention to the scale and number of times. While improving the feelings of parents to avoid the derailment of Bao Da, you should also pay attention to the child’s health.

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