Expert analysis: What are the symptoms of women’s pregnancy?

Pregnancy will make those mothers who like children very happy, because a cute baby will accompany her soon.Some female friends who are married shortly are definitely sweet during the wedding period.I want the child’s mood to be very urgent, but because I don’t know much about pregnancy, I don’t pay special attention to their bodies without knowing that they are pregnant.So many female friends have asked such questions. What are the symptoms of women’s pregnancy?

Experts from the Guangzhou Women’s Hospital said that after pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy often appear in about 6 weeks. These symptoms last for a long time, usually about 3 months.However, everyone’s constitution is different, so the symptoms of pregnancy will last.Some female friends’ pregnancy symptoms disappear until 16 or even 18 weeks.So what symptoms during pregnancy will follow the experts from Guangzhou Women’s Hospital.

First, there is a sense of fatigue: Many female friends will feel fatigue in the early stages of pregnancy, for example, love to sleep.And female friends often feel fatigue and weakness during pregnancy.These symptoms are more common in female friends during pregnancy.

Second, breast changes: Because female friends during pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone will continue to increase.Therefore, the breasts of female friends will gradually become larger during pregnancy, and the color of breast pregnancy will become darker, and the nipples will change.

3. Menstruation stop: Menstruation stopping is a typical symptom, so many female friends will stop menstruation as a preview of pregnancy.If female friends are in the age of childbearing age, the usual menstruation is normal, and the phenomenon of menstrual stop after sexual life, then go to the hospital for an examination to see if you are pregnant.

Fourth, diet change: This is a big feature of female friends during pregnancy, because I do n’t want to eat what I usually eat, and I have a nausea when I smell the smell of fishy.If you eat sour, you will want to vomit.These are particularly obvious symptoms during pregnancy.

V. frequent urination and urgency: Because female friends will continue to increase during pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase, and they will gradually compress the bladder.Therefore, the phenomenon of frequent urination.

Experts from the Guangzhou Women’s Hospital said that pregnancy cannot only be seen from these symptoms, but if female friends have the above symptoms, then they should go to the hospital for early pregnancy test.

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