Experience sharing: The fallopian tubes are not smooth, and I finally conceive for more than a year for pregnancy.

Many women originally thought that pregnancy was a very easy thing, as long as they were not contraceptive, they could definitely be pregnant.But when I started to prepare for pregnancy, I was slapped by reality.Work every month and disappoint every month.Whenever I look at the big white board on the pregnancy test stick, I feel dizzy for a while, and I really don’t want to face it.There are also many such friends around Xiaobian who have been married for several years.Some people continue to burn hard, praying that one day the miracle will appear; while others can’t stand the torment of waiting and disappointment, and have turned to the road of IVF.

Today, Xiaobian will share with you a friend A’s experience. There is no result for half a year of pregnancy. I went to the hospital to check that the tubal tube was not smooth. After the Chinese medicine was conditioned, I worked hard for half a year.At the time of the gestational stick, the captain on the pregnancy test slowly appeared.A’s method may not be suitable for everyone, but for friends with the same trouble, it is certain that it is also meaningful to learn from. It is shared today and hopes to help everyone.

Persevere ovulation, ovulation card brand is very important

If you want to succeed, you must create conditions for Mr. Sperm to meet Miss Egg.However, everyone’s aunt cycle is different, ovulation time is different, and there is no energy every day, so it is important to find the opportunity.But one thing many people ignores is that the ovulation time measured by different ovulation paper is different. Let’s take a look at this picture below:

The same cup of urine was measured at the same time, two test strips, one had double red bars, and the other was a horizontal bar.And we usually start the same room when the double bar appears. If the time when the double bar appears is not accurate, the same room is likely to be useless.This is also a sign of a friend who tested ovulation in Tieba, and enthusiastic netizens told her.What is recognized by the market is the David brand. Although it is relatively late, the time is accurate.Many of the pregnancy test sticks of other brands are early colorful, and the double red bars that last for several days make you difficult to grasp the real ovulation time.

Do not ignore Chinese medicine conditioning, which helps to push the pregnancy

The traditional Chinese medicine we planted a flower family was profound.Although it is only to drink simple Chinese herbal water, it can have a magical synthesis in our bodies and create better preparation conditions for conception.The most direct manifestation is that after drinking Chinese medicine, the bar on the gestational stick was obviously much significant than before.This shows that under the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, the conditions have improved, and the concentration of HCG has also increased compared to previous.Therefore, it is not easy to conceive to see a doctor. Do n’t be sloppy for the Chinese medicine prescribed by the doctor.

The one who has the greatest impact on pregnancy is actually mood

I don’t know why, but when I feel relaxed, I can get pregnant easily.My friend was testing the ovulation for several months and was frustrated. When I decided that if I couldn’t conceive this month, I would do it, and I was pregnant!Because I do n’t have hope, and that the month is just busy that month, my friends simply indulge themselves. They did not start testing ovulation as soon as I was as usual as usual.Late, I simply let myself sleep and sleep happily.In terms of eating, I also want to eat spicy strips, eat rice noodles, and eat spicy incense pot.Drinking milk tea, drinking soda, and drinking black tea, everything should not be done.But this month was unexpectedly pregnant!Intersection

As long as there are seals in the pregnancy test stick, there may be

If there is no pregnancy, the pregnancy test stick is the whiteboard, and there is no trace.Therefore, as long as there is a seal of the pregnancy test stick, it may be pregnant. Female friends must not worry, patiently observe for a few days to see if the printed seal of the pregnancy test stick deepen.Xiaobian had a friend who originally tested a seal, but after a little blood, I thought that the aunt came, so I went to the hospital to prescribe a menstrual medicine.As long as there is a little print like this, you may be pregnant, and you must first protect yourself as a pregnant woman.If you don’t think you can see it clearly, you can also take another pregnancy test stick, test with water, and then compare the two pregnancy test sticks to see if there are differences.

As above, it is a sharing made by Xiaobian in combination with the experience of friends. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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