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According to the "Public Recruitment Announcement of Hiring, Executive Clerk, Book Manager, and History Museum of the History Museum of the History of the History of the History of the History of the History of the History of the History of the History of the History,The announcement of the medical examination of the History Museum of the Academy is as follows:

1. List of personnel intended to enter the medical examination

(Sorted by the surname strokes)

01 post of secretary: Wang Ji, Wang Yu, Wang Weichen, Liu Guanting, Zhang Chaoqi, Zhou Qiang, Hou Yangpeng, Fu Litao.

02 Secretary positions: Wang Liping, Lu Shuai, Liu Siqi, Zhang Yu, Wu Le, Zhao Jingyi, Xu Lei, Gao Yuhong.

03 Executive clerk positions: Ji Yu, Zhou Haifeng.

04 Executive clerk positions: Wang Yusu, Wang Zi.

05 Book Administrator position: Song Yu.

06 History Museum of the History Museum: Zhou Yanhang.

2. Physical Examination Notice

According to the public recruitment announcement of the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Procuratorate hired manager, administrative clerk, library manager, and college history museum, "Physical Examination refer to the medical examination standards for the recruitment of civil servants and conduct drug tests (candidates for medical examination expenses).Those who are not qualified are not hired. Candidates have a vacancies caused by the unqualified or voluntary abandonment of the physical examination, and the requirements for replenishment can be performed. "

(1) Time and place

It is intended to notify the cadres of the provincial and colleges in the near future, and the specific time and place will be notified by a call from the provincial and college cadres.

(2) Carrying information

1.My ID card.

2.1 1 inch -free photos.

3.For your own glasses, those who wear contact lenses need to bring their own care products by themselves.

4.Carrying enough cash (the medical examination cost is expected to be 900 yuan, and a small amount of cash is required to prepare additional inspection items).

5.Black carbon pen.

(3) Note

1.Keep a normal eating habit three days before the medical examination.Do not eat animal liver and animal blood products.One day before the physical examination, a light diet, ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, drink, etc.

2.The clothes are relaxed and light. Try not to wear a coat containing metal and buttons. Do not wear jewelry. Girls try not to wear dresses.

3.During the menstruation of women, please do not do a gynecological and urine examination during menstruation, and then replenish the examination after the menstruation is completed; if you are pregnant or may have conceived, the medical examination organization personnel and medical staff will be informed in advance to do not perform X -ray examination.

4.Participate on time, do not be late, and no longer organize physical examinations for those who are absent for no reason, deemed automatic abstain.

5.After obeying the command, obeying the chapter, there must be no cheating acts such as falsification; candidates and friends must not go to the medical examination hospital with the candidates, and they will be dealt with seriously.

6.Candidates need to wear the N95 mask (when the identity is verified, and take off the mask as required) to maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters from others.

7.Candidates should continue to do a good job of personal health monitoring and the first responsible person of their health and safety.

Contact number: 0451-82360165

Special announcement.

One of the cadres of the People’s Procuratorate of Heilongjiang Province

March 13, 2023

Source: a cadre

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