Emergency reminder!Be sure to pay attention to eating these foods in summer

Chinese Food Science and Technology Society

Recently issued an emergency reminder

Liangpi, river powder, intestinal powder

Rice noodles, seme flour, snail powder and other wet rice noodles

Under high temperature and humid weather

It is easy to be polluted by coconut poison and pseudolytic monolitan fermented rice noodles

And produce rice yeast acid toxin

Consumption is easy to cause poisoning

Even death causes death


What is rice yeast acid?How poisonous?

Poisonous disease caused by rice yeast toxin is urgent

Symptoms of poisoning appear in about 30 minutes

Coconut poisoning and fake monolithic measuring rice noodles -the main toxic metabolites -rice yeast acid, which is a key factor that causes food poisoning or even death.

The incubation period of coconut fermentation fake monolithium poisoning is generally 30 minutes to 12 hours, with a few as long as 1-2 days.The target organs of the role of rice yeast toxin are important organs such as liver, brain, and kidney.The main clinical symptoms and signs include: upper abdomen discomfort, nausea, vomiting, slight diarrhea, dizziness, and weakness.In severe cases, jaundice, hepatochrus, subcutaneous hemorrhage, vomiting, hematuria, low urine, unclear consciousness, annoying and uneasy, scratch, convulsions, shock, etc.Severe patients are mostly liver coma, the central nervous nervous paralysis, and died of respiratory failure.There are generally no fever.

There is no special effect detoxification drug

Once poisoning, the mortality rate is as high as 40%

If suspicious poisoning occurs, he should immediately stop eating suspicious foods, vomiting as soon as possible, and excrete the stomach to reduce the absorption of toxins and damage to the body, and timely be sent to the hospital for treatment and symptomatic treatment.Earlier, there have been incidents of poisoning of rice yeast acid toxin.In July 2020, a beeflytic acid poisoning incident caused by eating nicotya in Huilai County, Jieyang City.11 customers had symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and diarrhea after consumption of noodles in the intestinal powder shop, and one of them died of ineffective treatment.

There are three main types of foods that are easy to cause poisoning

Grain fermentation products, metamorphosis fresh -ears and metamorphic potato products are the main foods that can easily lead to coconut fermentation fake monolithic food poisoning.In the process of homemade fermentation foods, foods are easily polluted by coconut fermented monolithic bacteria in the environment.There are three main categories of foods that are easy to cause poisoning: first, grain fermented products, such as fermented corn noodles, sour soup, glutinous corn dumplings, corn starch, fermented glutinous millet, hanging pulp, ravioli, vinegar jelly, wet rice noodles, etc.;Sever -quality fresh -ears and improper spoiled degenerative fungus; third, fermented potato products, such as potato noodles, sweet potato noodles, potato starch, etc.

When soaking in the fungus and white fungus at home, the time should also be controlled within 2 hours, and it should be processed in a timely manner after soaking. Once the odor and deterioration occur should be abandoned in time.


High -temperature weather beware of rice yeast acid toxin poisoning

On July 15, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued an emergency reminder: high -temperature weather should beware of beef and toxin poisoning.Liangpi, river powder, intestinal powder (rolling powder), Chencun powder, kitchen, rice noodles (rice noodles), Setan powder and other wet rice noodles are easily contaminated by coconut poison and pseudo -contaminated in high temperature and humid weather.Toxins, consumption is easy to cause poisoning.

Foods such as wet rice noodles and other foods

Choose regular channels

When choosing wet rice noodles, you should carefully read the product labels, and pay attention to the sensory characteristics and shelf life of the product.

When buying Liangpi, river powder, intestinal powder (rolling powder), Chencun powder, kitcion, rice noodles (rice noodles), Setan powder and other wet rice noodles, especially for bulk sales, according to the production date of the original packaging of the product, the date of production, and the production date of the original packaging, and the production date of the original packaging, and the production date, the date of production of the original product, and the production date of the original packaging, and the production date of the original packaging of the product, and the date of production on the original packaging of the product, the date of production, and the production date of the original packaging of the product, andFor information such as the shelf life and storage conditions, check whether the sales of the products meet the requirements of the packaging labeling, and clarify key elements such as manufacturers, production date, and shelf life of the purchased products.Wet rice noodles should be stored at low temperature, protecting protection measures, and eating as soon as possible during its shelf life.

Food operators should be strictly implemented

Liability for food safety subjects

Food sellers, wholesalers, catering service units and other food operators should strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety when purchasing wet rice noodles, do a good job of purchasing inspections and certificates to ensure that the source can be traced and the quality is guaranteed.Wet rice noodles should be refrigerated in accordance with the storage conditions marked by the label or stored in a shade, and measures for the "three prevention" (three prevention of mouse, flood prevention, dust prevention) to avoid being polluted by the outside world, and the sales of consumption during the shelf life.

Wet rice noodles that store and sell bulk shall use publicity signs or signs or signs outside the storage container or shelves, container and other significant positions, indicate food names, production date or production batch number, shelf life, and the name, address, contact information of food production operatorsEssenceFor wet rice noodles that have not been sold or unprocessed, they must be destroyed in time, and the destruction records (including pictures and text, etc.) should be taken in time, and effective measures should be taken to ensure that the expired wet rice noodles do not return.

Before consumption, check the shelf life of wet rice noodles

Although the shelf life of wet rice noodles is generally 24 hours, due to the changes in the production process of wet rice noodles, the sensory characteristics of the wet rice noodles that exceed the shelf life are still normal, and there will be no deterioration such as sour stinking, which will cause people to continue to sell or eat.The illusion, however, this kind of wet rice noodles may have been polluted by coconut poisoning fake monolma and produced rice yeast acid toxin, and the risk of poisoning after consumption will greatly increase.Therefore, both food operators and consumers should sell or eat wet rice noodles in accordance with the shelf life, and resolutely discarded the expired food.

In addition, coconut poison pseudolysis may also breed on ingredients such as hair fungus and white fungus, which will generate rice yeast acid toxin.Before consumption of fungus and Tremella, it should check its sensory traits and find that the moisture and deterioration should not be eaten; the time for soaking fungus and Tremella should not be too long.Tremella, fungus and its products; do not eat fresh Tremella or fresh fungus, especially the deteriorating fresh white fungus or fresh fungus.


Expert reminder

Family or small workshop

Do not make or sell

Yeast rice noodle food

If the homemade fermented rice noodle food is made to ensure that no mildew corn raw materials are used; the grain should be changed diligently when soaking in the grain, and it should be sanitary and without odor.store.Do not let food contact the humid soil during production, and prevent fake coconut fake monolma pollution and poison.

Fresh silver ear should be dried in time to prohibit the sale of fresh Tremella

Production operators should ensure the quality of the bacteria of Tremella, and the fresh silver ear picked should be dried in time; if it is not allowed to dry in time in rainy days, it is necessary to have appropriate drying facilities to dry and fully illuminate and drugs through ultraviolet rays.Fresh silver ears are not allowed to be sold.

Precautions for buying and consumption of Tremella and fungus

When purchasing related foods such as Tremella and fungus, choose regular channels and do not buy fresh Tremella.At the same time, pay attention to the hygiene of the sales environment.Before soaking hair fungus and white fungus, you should check the sensory traits and find that you should not eat it if you find that the hair fungus and Tremella should not be too long.The different odor cannot be eaten, and the white fungus, fungus and its processing products made the next day cannot be eaten.

It is necessary to deal with and cure food poisoning personnel in time

If there is a suspected poisoning of fake coconut fermentation fake monolithic food, immediately stop eating suspicious foods; vomiting as soon as possible, excrete the stomach content, and reduce the absorption of toxins., Symptoms, reduce mortality.

Pay attention to the prevention of food -oriented diseases in summer

Zhang Mingxin, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical College, reminded that the following aspects need to be paid attention to in the summer prevention of food -oriented diseases:

First of all, keep your own cleaning, and wash your hands before meals.In the kitchen, keep the chopping vessel clean.Clean the refrigerator regularly.Secondly, it is best to pack and store raw and cooked food.There is a deadline for any food. Pay attention to the storage time of food in the refrigerator.Finally, most bacteria will be killed in 1-2 minutes at high temperatures at 100 ° C. Therefore, it must be cooked when cooking food.For relatively rare foods, take pictures before eating. Once there is a problem, doctors can deal with them according to food.

Hot weather

Food is easy to deteriorate

Everyone must pay attention to diet safety!

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