Eight of sugar is sweet than whole sugar?The results of the "unannounced visits" milk tea shop were exposed!

You seem to be lack of milk tea in the life of young people.Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission’s test of milk tea has attracted attention.

Today, in order to take care of the "reduction of sugar and low fat" pursuing the major milk shops, the major milk shops have launched different sweetness such as sugar -free, three -point sugar, and pentagram.

Regarding the distinction of these sweetness, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission made a "unannounced visit" and found that:

Because milk tea and sugar are fully manual, the error is large and uneven.

Some brands of eight -point sugar even exceed the sugar content of whole sugar.For example, if you make up classic milk tea, the proportion of sugar content marked by the merchant is 0: 30%: 50%: 80%: 100%, and the actual measured ratio of sugar content is 0: 43%: 68%: 122%:100%, octopus sugar content is higher than whole sugar.

In addition, the sugar content in different brands of milk tea with the same signs of sweetness is also completely different. Some are signs of sancoscope than other houses, and some pork sugar is more sugar than other homes.few.

For example, a little bit and three -pointers exceeded COCO, KOI, Tea Orange, Gongcha and throbbing seven points; Gongcha’s seven points contained less sugar than five or even three points of many brands.

As early as 2017, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission had done a special test. Drinking a cup of normal sugar milk tea is equivalent to eating 7 pieces of 4.5g square sugar. If you drink a cup of milk tea with higher sugar content,It is equivalent to eating 13 squares of 4.5g of sugar.

Detectors said that most milk shops now no longer boil syrup with white sugar, and they basically use various syrup directly.

Among them, fructose syrup is a more widely used syrup. It can increase the sweetness of drinks, but it does not cover its own flavor.Excessive intake of fructose syrup may cause blood sugar to rise. For example, when suffering from diseases such as diabetes and hyperglycemia, it should be reduced or avoiding fructose syrup.

It can be seen that even the same milk tea, the sugar content and sweetener are completely different. Choosing the sweetness given by the merchant alone may be misunderstood.

The Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission also reminded that because of the lack of objective standards for milk tea, no matter how distinguished, it has a strong randomness.If the use of sugar is used only by consumer taste, consumer disputes will inevitably occur.Merchants need to be clarified and standardized in the use of sugar -containing or sweeteners.For consumers, clear and clear standards can make them more accurate when choosing drinks and sweetness.


If you really like it, you can make your homemade milk tea at home

Prepare water, milk and tea, boil the milk in the pot, put 1 tablespoon of tea (the amount of tea is adjusted according to your preference), soak for 2 to 5 minutes, filter the tea leaves and leave the tea soup, pour the 3/4 cup of pure pure cupsMilk, re -heating and boiling (avoid milk burnt), you can add a small amount of sugar to season, so that traditional milk tea is achieved.Although the milk and calcium content made by myself is half reduced compared to milk, as long as it does not add a large amount of sugar, it can be regarded as a healthy drink.

Organization: Chen Yishan Comprehensive: Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, CCTV.com

Source: China Youth Daily

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