Eczema for pregnant women is not terrible, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment has strange effects

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Eczema of pregnant women is a condition caused by the physiological changes of pregnant women. During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother due to the dysfunction of the liver, spleen and kidney, causing the metabolism in the body to metabolize.Elits, pimples, blisters such as thighs, or upper limbs, and even erosion and exudation occur, and itching is severe, which seriously affects the quality of life of pregnant women.

Pregnant women have special constitution, so eczema is also normal. Moms should not panic!

How did eczema come from?Is there a way to avoid it?

Where does eczema come from?


At present, its pathogenesis has not been fully clarified. The research results show that it is related to the following factors:

The changes in estrogen levels in women after pregnancy make the body’s endocrine and metabolic disorders;

Women’s eating habits and structural changes during pregnancy, more intake of major molecules such as seafood shellfish;

Women’s emotional instability during pregnancy;

Blood circulation disorder;

It is related to the special specialty history of pregnant women, such as: allergic rhinitis and asthma are more likely to merge eczema during pregnancy.

Because of the special pregnancy, many expectant mothers either choose not to treat, or listen to false advertisements to treat random treatment, which affects the health of the baby and mother.

We don’t know what should I do, can the doctor teach me?

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment has strange effects


The dermatology department of Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine has obvious advantages in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Washing water by cooking and cleaning Chinese herbal medicine with dampness and heat has better clinical effects on light and moderate pregnant women’s eczema.It is safe and effective for fetuses and pregnant women.

Because mothers cannot use medicine during pregnancy, we specially customized the mild Chinese herbal medicine to cook water out of the water. You can rest assured ~

It sounds safe, but have anyone been successfully treated?

Before traditional Chinese medicine


After the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine


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