Eating radish in winter is rich in nutrition and high health value, and improves immunity. Three people may not be eaten

As the saying goes, "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to prescribe medicine", which is actually a healthy and healthy method summarized by ancient people.Now that it has entered the winter, the temperature is more cold. At this moment, eating radish has become a fashionable health care method, and it is also one of the foods on the dining table.

Ancient people said that eating radish in winter was healthy, so why is this?In fact, the name of the radish is Laizheng. In ancient times, some people used Chinese medicinal materials to treat diseases, and there would be a description in the "Materia Medica Sutra": taking the roots of LaizhenToilet and evil water steam ". It can be seen that the radish itself has its unique health and practical value.

Although radish is now a very ordinary vegetable and fruits, its nutrients may not be underestimated. It contains vitamins and a variety of nutritional elements containing zinc.And resistance is helpful.And radish with sufficient plant alcohol, which can help enhance intestinal peristalsis, and then achieve the actual effect of strengthening the stomach, eliminating the liver, and relieving qi.The absorption and maintenance of the intestinal flora are all advantageous.

Not only that, there is lignin in radish. Such components can help enhance the vitality of phagocytocytes, which can help improve the body’s immune capacity and reduce the damage to body cells in virus infections.

It can be seen that eating radish is assisted by the improvement of physical immunity and resistance.

There are also. In winter, it is usually dry indoors, and the skin is also gathered. At this moment, eating some radishes can assist in the removal of the internal fire, and it can also help the accumulation of heat.The stagnation of Qi machine has an advantage in physical health.

Although it is usually good or in winter, eating radishes is very advantageous for physical health, but this does not mean that everyone is suitable for eating, or some people pay attention to it when they eat.

1. Qi deficiency and physical crowd

For people with qi deficiency constitution, they are not too suitable for white radish. Because people with qi and blood deficiency must nourish qi and blood, they must eat some ingredients to nourish blood.White radish belongs to cold foods. The specific effect depends on the qi and fire. If the people with qi and blood deficiency eat white radish, it is likely to cause blood loss and exacerbate the condition.

2. Diarrhea crowd

The people of diarrhea are not too suitable to eat white radish, especially not to eat directly. Because radish is cold ingredients, and it will also promote the intestinal motion of the stomach. If you have a diarrhea, you can eat radish, thenIt is likely to exacerbate the condition.

3. People who get sick and drink Chinese medicine

If it is a crowd who is still sick and drinking Chinese medicine, then it is not suitable to eat radish at this moment. Because radish is likely to react with some drugs, it will promote the weakening of the medicine.Since the self -raw radish was also a traditional Chinese medicinal material for treating diseases. If you eat radishes when you drink Chinese medicine, it is likely that it will not only become weakened, but also likely to cause adverse reactions. This cannot be ignored.

Entering the winter, in order to better physical and mental health, in order to better improve the body’s immune and resistance, make you less sick, stabilize the winter, then eat some white radish or goodIn order to use the method of soup to eat radish, it can alleviate the negative and actual effects of the cold production of radish, and better maintain the physical and mental health of the body.

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