Eating ginger in summer is so good?IntersectionBut don’t eat this kind of ginger, throw it decisively

1. What are the benefits of eating ginger?

1. Enhance appetite

Ginger in ginger can excite the smell nerve on the tongue, stimulate the sensor on the gastric mucosa, and promote the secretion of digestive fluid through nerve reflexes and increase digestion and appetite.

2. Remove the cold and warm up

Ginger itself is warm, and people who eat cold food or cold in the summer can be adjusted with ginger appropriately to reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

3. Disglement

Fresh ginger is rich in ingredients such as gingerone and gingernne, which can effectively relieve vomiting, and can also reduce dizziness, nausea and strong discomfort produced by motion sickness and seasickness.

4. Disinfection and sterilization

Ginger is a natural antibacterial agent. Eating an appropriate amount of ginger can prevent acute gastroenteritis and reduce intestinal inflammation.When making cold dishes, put some ginger, disinfect and sterilize and appetite.

2. Who is not suitable for ginger?

1. People with yin deficiency constitution

It is manifested as the heart of the hands and feet, and the palms are sweaty to drink water. They often dry their mouths, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, upset and irritability, and poor sleep.When ginger is warm, yin deficiency people eat ginger will aggravate the symptoms.

2. Heavier internal heat

Because the role of ginger is mostly dispersion and relieving vomiting, such as lung heat, dry cough, stomach fever vomiting, bad breath, hemorrhoid bleeding, and ulceration of ulceration, it is not advisable to eat ginger.

3. Summer cold or windy cold

These are not caused by cold evil, and eating ginger is undoubtedly fueling on fire.

3. Do not eat this kind of ginger!

After ginger rotten, a very toxic substance is "ebacco". This ingredient may cause cell cancer. Try not to eat rotten ginger and cut off the rotten parts.After ginger rotten rotten, discard it early, do not lose due to small losses.However, ginger germination can be eaten, but it tastes not so good.

Fourth, "eating ginger at night, better like frost", is this true?

This statement is to exaggerate its words. No matter when you eat ginger, the effective ingredients of ginger are constant, and the ingredients will not be changed due to the differences between the morning and night.

Source: Life Times Weibo

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