Eat red dates?After so many years of blood, you may make up for it!

If you often feel dizzy and powerless, face pale

The first reaction is often:

Is it anemia?

Go to the hospital

The first question I asked is:

"Doctors, why do I have anemia?"

Anemia (English Anemia) refers to the lack of healthy red blood cells in the human body, causing insufficient oxygen transportation.Human red blood cells are manufactured by bone marrow, with a life span of about 120 days. When the red blood cell is replaced with new speed, it may not reach the body’s need, and it may be anemia.Because the red blood cells have the heavy responsibility of sending oxygen and the whole body, once anemia and the body do not get enough oxygen to operate normally, they will cause symptoms such as tiredness, palpitations, panting, pale skin, or yellowing.Causes heart hypertrophy.

Anyone may have anemia, and sometimes there is no symptom, but the problem of anemia cannot be underestimated.Children’s anemia can lead to slow development, excessive and immunity.Anemia during pregnancy can delay the growth and development of the fetus and have premature birth.In addition to fatigue and muscle weakness, the old man’s anemia increases the risk of falling down. Johns Hopkins Medicine also has studied that anemia is not related to the elderly’s cognitive dysfunction.

The causes of anemia are very complicated. It is mainly divided into two categories based on "blood cell manufacturing defects" and "excessive blood cell loss":

1. Bloody -manufacturing defective iron deficiency anemia

According to the academic foundation of liver disease prevention, Taiwan is mostly iron -deficient in anemia.Iron is an important element of red blood cells. When iron intake, iron absorption disorders, increased iron demand, or chronic blood loss cause iron depletion in the body, it will cause iron deficiency anemia.Thalassemia

Mediterranean anemia, also known as marine anemia, is mainly a problem with the synthesis of hemoglobin chain in hemoglobin, affecting the life and normal function of red blood cells.Regenerative bad anemia

Regenerating bad anemia is a disease that derives the osteo marrow that cannot make hematopoietic normally, causing diseases with red blood cells, white blood cells, and small platelets. For those who are light, they need to be tracked regularly, and those with severe cases should be transformed.Malignant anemia

Vitamin B12 is a key nutrient for making red blood cells.When the digestive tract cannot absorb vitamin B12, malignant anemia will develop.The 40 -year -old, alcoholism and strict vegetarians are also good ethnic groups of malignant anemia.

2. Excessive blood cell loss of hemolytic anemia

Hemoly dissolving refers to the process of destruction and decomposition of red blood cells in the blood, and hemolytic anemia is caused by the hemolytic phenomenon that is too serious, surpassing the ability of bone marrow to make red blood cells.Mediterranean anemia and broad bean disease are hemolytic anemia.Hemorrhage

The human body rely on bone marrow to make a large number of blood cells to supplement fixed consumption, but the bone marrow reserves are limited.Bleeding anemia.

Anemia can be determined by routine blood examination (CBC). The standard value is slightly different according to gender and age, but among the three indexes of red blood cells (RBC), hemotin (HB) and average serum volume (MCV), as long as one is lower than thatThe standard value can be judged as anemia.

Anemia caused by hereditary or aging cannot be cured, and anemia caused by eating habits can be improved.

Daily intake of foods with high iron content to improve anemia, but you must pay attention to the amount of intake to avoid derivating other health problems.It is recommended that adult men’s daily intake of 10 mg, and the intake of adult women is 15 mg.The maximum daily intake of adolescents and adults over 13 years old is 40 mg.

Which foods have a lot of iron content?

Red meat and lean meat: liver, pork, beef, sauce, or duck blood are all good sources of iron, and are rich in protein, which helps iron absorption.

Vegetables and beans: dark vegetables such as red amaranth, sweet potato leaves, as well as high iron content of red beans and peas, and folic acid that can help make red blood cells.

Vegetables and vegetables rich in vitamin C: broccoli, bitter gourd, tomato, guava, Shakya, longan, strange fruits, etc., which is beneficial to the human body absorb iron in plant food.

Treatment methods of anemia are divided into the following:

Iron supplement: It is suitable for iron deficiency anemia and hemorrhea anemia, but it should be avoided with acidic, tea, and fourth ring emblem.

Supplement vitamin B12 or folic acid: anemia caused by malnutrition, gastrointestinal diseases, alcoholism, pregnancy, etc., can improve symptoms by replenishing a large amount of vitamin B12 or folic acid.

Drugs: When anemia is caused by other diseases. While treating diseases, it is necessary to improve symptoms of anemia. For example, anemia caused by autoimmune diseases requires drugs to help bone marrow manufacture more red blood cells.

Blood transfusion: If the treatment effect of anemia, it can only be rely on blood transfusion, such as patients with severe thalassemia, may lose blood every 2 to 3 weeks.

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