Eat bananas during pregnancy?Don’t listen blindly, understand why constipation can solve it scientifically

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I do n’t know that you have heard of the phrase “ten pregnant moms and nine constipation” before. They all say that it is difficult to have children. In fact, there are many difficulties during pregnancy.

Even the simplest stools are facing quite a lot of challenges.

Moreover, the problem of constipation is almost a bitter history of blood and tears for almost every pregnant mother who encountered.

Generally speaking, most pregnant mothers have gone through four constipation processes, namely constipation, constipation in the early pregnancy, constipation in the second trimester, constipation and postpartum constipation in the third trimester.

Some pregnant mothers may have symptoms of constipation when they are not pregnant, and the degree of constipation will further deepen after pregnancy.

Moreover, when I think of the little baby in my stomach, the pregnant mother dares not to take medicine to relieve it at will. I can only bite her teeth, or try to obey the folk statement.

Linlin’s gastrointestinal system has always been very healthy, even if she usually eats cold and spicy, she has not had diarrhea and constipation.

However, Lin Lin, who has never been constipated, has been unexpectedly troubled since she became pregnant.

For the children in the belly, Linlin did not dare to take medicine, but just listened to everyone that bananas can relieve constipation. Since then, bananas have become her daily essential food.

Later, I was afraid that the banana was not fresh for a long time, and I began to buy unburned green bananas at home.

But in the end, not only did the constipation not improve, but also diseases such as bloating, gastrointestinal discomfort.

The situation of constipation has increased. Anyway, it was time to defecate every three or five days, but it takes one week, or even two weeks to make it once.

When Lin Lin saw the situation so serious, she did not dare to continue the food therapy through bananas, so she went to the hospital for registration.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor said that Linlin used bananas to treat constipation is not scientific, and made a few suggestions to her.

In fact, many people have claimed to treat constipation, and eating bananas is the most enthusiastic.

In fact, although bananas have the effect of moisturizing the intestines, they are only suitable for use when constipation is lighter. Such a serious pregnancy constipation like Lin Lin will not have much effect.

In addition, it is worth noting that the maturity of bananas is also related to the treatment effect.

Everyone knows that its taste is relatively astringent, because it contains tannic acid, and it has the effect of inhibiting gastrointestinal peristalsis.

It is for the sake of stocking and eating too much and mature bananas to lead to worsening constipation symptoms.

Under normal circumstances, there are three main features of constipation.

The reason why women or worse after pregnancy are also due to objective physiological reasons.

① Hormone secretion: During the pregnancy of women, due to the rise in progesterone levels, the intestine becomes relaxed, so the peristaltic ability will be reduced.

② Daily habits: Pregnant women must be an important person in the family, and their diet will be taken care of. However, pregnant mothers have a small amount of exercise, and they have a lot of food to eat food. Naturally, constipation will occur.

③ Uterine compression: As the baby grows up gradually, the mother’s uterus will also be oppressed and slow down the intestinal movement.

1) Reduce the intake of refined processing food

As mentioned above, many pregnant women’s constipation is because the food they eat is too fine, ignoring the intake of dietary fiber with intestinal function.

Therefore, if you want to improve constipation, pay attention to adding more coarse grains such as millet or corn in your daily diet. Don’t always be big fish and meat.

2) Timing urination

The more constipation, the more you need to dredge it. As long as you feel it, you must not hold it.

If not, you can drink a glass of warm water first every morning, and then sit on the toilet for a while to pass the bowel signal to the intestinal tract.

3) Drink plenty of water

Drinking a glass of water just in the morning is very effective for improving constipation, and it can also speed up gastrointestinal motility and improve metabolism.

In addition, 1.5L-2L is the best daily drinking water for the human body, and pregnant women should try to satisfy as much as possible.

The last thing I want to say is that the problem of constipation is not solved overnight, and it is necessary to master the correct and correct methods of science.Starting from diet and living habits, keep persisting.

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