Eat 3 before going to bed every night

Lycium barbarum is a Chinese medicinal material with extremely high nutritional value and one of the commonly used ingredients in people’s daily diet.In recent years, more and more people have begun to notice the nutritional and medicinal value of wolfberry. They have tried to eat wolfberry before going to bed to expect benefits to the body.And eating 3-5 Chinese wolfberry before going to bed may really bring 4 changes that make many people unexpected!So, which 4 are it?We will analyze the readers in detail through this article!

Place 1: Improve vision

Many people know that wolfberry helps improve vision.Because wolfberry contains more carotene substances, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, iron and other minerals, these are important elements to protect the eyes.At the same time, wolfberry is also rich in fat polysaccharide binding protein, and fat polysaccharide binding proteins, as a natural immune enhancer, can help the human body to improve immunity and also help eye health.

Therefore, eating 3-5 grains of wolfberry before going to bed every night can effectively improve the discomfort such as eye fatigue and dry eyes, and can also prevent the occurrence and intensification of some eye diseases.

Section 2: Promote sleep

Sleep is important for people’s health, but in modern life, many people have the problem of sleep disorders.And wolfberry contains a large amount of magnesium, which is a natural sleeping agent that can help people fall asleep faster and keep sleep quality.

In addition, wolfberry is also rich in β-carotene and zinc. These ingredients can also regulate the human nervous system, reduce physical fatigue, and better promote sleep.

Therefore, eating 3-5 grains of wolfberry before going to bed every night is also very helpful for improving sleep.

3rd point: enhance immunity

The immunity of the human body is an important factor in protecting our health, and the various nutrients contained in wolfberry, including a variety of vitamins, trace elements, and polysaccharides, can help improve our own immunity.In particular, the combination of fat polysaccharides in them is an extremely important polysaccharide component that can enhance the human body’s immune function and reduce the risk of various diseases.

Therefore, eating 3-5 Chinese wolfberry before going to bed every night can make the human body healthier, improve immunity, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Point 4: Nourishing liver and kidney

In the theory of Chinese medicine, wolfberry has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, bright eyes.Because liver and kidney are important organs in the human body, deficiency often causes various health problems.The various nutrients contained in wolfberry can help nourish the liver and kidney, enhance the functions of these two organs, and help prevent and improve liver and kidney -related diseases.

Therefore, eating 3-5 Chinese wolfberry before going to bed can not only enhance the function of liver and kidney, but also help people better maintain liver and kidney health.

Note that in order to better play the nutritional and medicinal value of wolfberry, you should choose high -quality wolfberry as much as possible and keep it properly.The appearance of high -quality wolfberry is bright red or dark red, full of fruit, uniform granules, and smelling a unique rich fragrance.When saving wolfberry, you need to place it in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to avoid being placed in humid or sunlight.

In short, eating 3-5 grains of wolfberry before going to bed can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but to follow the appropriate principle and combine your physical condition and needs to choose the consumption, otherwise too much consumption may have side effects, such as dry mouth drying, such as dry mouth dryDry tongue, abdominal distension, constipation, etc.By improving vision, promoting sleep, enhancing immunity, and nourishing liver and kidney, wolfberry has become one of the important choices for people’s health care.If the body is uncomfortable or allergic, the intake should be stopped in time, and the advice of the doctor to consult the doctor will be treated for targeted treatment or treatment.

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