Early pregnancy knowledge: HCG is positive, is it pregnant?

Half a month ago, Ms. Gu bought a early pregnancy test paper to go home to test in the pharmacy. As a result, she was positive and happy.

The first time she told her husband, her husband was unhappy, and even let her quit her work and concentrate on raising her fetus at home.

Then after a month, Ms. Gu did not wait for any pregnancy reaction.

When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that she was not pregnant at all.A critical strike for Ms. Gu, she asked very depressedly: HCG is positive, isn’t it pregnant?

1. HCG is positive, is it pregnant?

There are many ways to detect early pregnancy in the market, and the early pregnancy test strip is a fast and convenient way to operate, which is favored by many women.

Principles: Paimoric gonadotropin (HCG) is a kind of glycoprotein hormone produced by the placenta in the body of a pregnant woman. The early pregnancy test strip uses a dual -antibody sandwich one -step method.Concentration to diagnose whether women are conceived.

Instructions for use: Put the urine drip on the test strip test area, such as a ribbon appeared in the test strip control area (some test strips are red, and some test strips are blue), which means negativeObvious ribbons appear in the detection area, which means positive, indicating that it is pregnant.

Generally speaking, if the early pregnancy test strip is negative, it means not pregnant, and if it is positive, it means pregnancy.

However, it is worth noting that early pregnancy test strips are a tool to assist women to test whether they are pregnant. They can only be used as a preliminary screening check.

In other words, although the urine HCG positive indicates that the chance of pregnancy is greater, it cannot be determined whether pregnancy is determined by the detection of early pregnancy test strips.

Because there are many non -pregnancy factors in urine HCG positive, the test results are false positive.

For example, blood with blood, ovarian tumors, or taking some maternity drugs.There is also the stimulus of other hormones, such as LH (lutein -promoting lutein) hormones can sometimes react with test strips, and hormones in thyroid series may also affect the test strip results.

2. What should I do after the early pregnancy test strip is positive?

In recent years, ectopic pregnancy is not uncommon. If the premature premature pregnancy is positive, the timely diagnosis and treatment is ignored. Once the bed is ruptured and bleeding with the bed part of the gesture, and the rescue is not timely, it will endanger the life of female friends.

Therefore, if the early pregnancy test strip is detected, and if you want to confirm whether you are successful, it is best to go to the hospital to check the HCG value in the blood.

The blood HCG value can be used to measure whether women are pregnant, as well as pregnancy during pregnancy, and whether ectopic pregnancy. The HCG that detects the blood can also determine whether the pregnancy is abnormal.

Early pregnancy: 35-50 days after pregnancy, HCG can be ascended to more than 2500 IU/L, and 80,000 IU/L in 60 to 70 days. Multi -pregnancy people with urine HCG are often higher than one pregnancy.

Want to determine if you are pregnant, or go to a professional hospital as soon as possible.

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