##Early pregnancy flow reduction damage#

Hello everyone!The product brought to you today is a disposable tissue attraction tube.

Let me introduce our company first.Nanjing Zhuhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise integrating medical equipment, medical consumables, drugs, and production and sales.

Established in 2017, completed in 2018, and in 2019, the plant passed the national business social acceptance and put into market use in 20120.Zhuhai Biological Group takes product innovation as the driving force for the development of the enterprise. The above new medical equipment and the innovative platform factory of the biopharmaceutical industry are the main body.Enterprise operation, the three -in -one innovation model formed Zhuhai Business Group, the medical ecological chain system, and Zhuhai Group is known as three major systems.

The first section is the production of Zhuhai biomedical equipment and consumables.The second section is the Zhuhai Research Institute. It focuses on the injecting investment in Zhuhai’s second category and three categories of products.The third section is the source biopharmaceutical, which has national drug sales resources. The China Shipping Research Institute has strong R & D strength. Every year, a large number of high -quality products are continuously enriched and expanded.Platform -shaped factories, establishing the road of independent knowledge products, independent research and development of Chinese brands, and establishing a place for Chinese medical ecological stocks.

It can also be introduced that artificial abortion is a method of termination of pregnancy from artificial or drug methods within three months of pregnancy. It is used as a remedy measure for contraceptive failure.Hereditary diseases, and those who need to be terminated.

Artificial abortion can be divided into two methods: surgical abortion and drug abortion. The abortion surgery is 13 million years.Negative pressure attraction is applicable to within ten weeks of pregnancy. The uterus mainly uses the method of negative pressure to attract early pregnancy products, that is, embryos in the declining measuring tissue, called artificial abortion negative pressure attraction.

The indication is that pregnancy is required to terminate pregnancy within ten weeks without contraindications. It is not advisable to use some diseases or genetic diseases that should not be absorbed by the sparrow and analgesic technology of the sparrow.Indications.

Pregnancy voluntarily requested anesthesia pain in ten weeks, and those who terminated pregnancy due to certain diseases, including genetic diseases, should not continue pregnancy, voluntarily request anesthesia pain.Terminal pregnancy has no negative compression public anesthesia and general anesthesia.

For contraindications, the pre -surgery of Xu Hui, an anesthesiologist in the United States, evaluated the first to second prior scraping, and the anti -pregnancy -free surgical method was generally terminated with a combination of anterior pharynx and negative pressure.

In recent years, due to the clinical application of Mifis Tong and prefixin, the front flower art has gradually been extended by drugs, and the adaptive anti -pregnancy is 10 to 13 weeks.The way of passing failed.

The advantage of drug abortion is that the method is simple, and the uterine cavity operation is not traumatic.The drugs of drug abortion are carefully perfect. The more mature and commonly used methods of Mifhhde velvet and prostaglandin. The complete abortion rate reaches more than 90 %. The indication is diagnosed as normal intrauterine pregnancy.Women, age eighteen to forty years old.High -risk abortion objects have concerns or psychological fear of surgical abortion, and the characteristics of the product are clinically used for medical materials and elasticity of macromolecular materials after laparoscopic treatment of diagnosis, endoscopic treatment of endoscopyVery good, can be bent freely.

It is smooth here. If it is a very small surgery of pregnant men in the early pregnancy, you can use this straw directly into the gynecological sac in the uterine cavity, so that the early pregnancy surgery can be more than ten days in advance.And distress can reduce the duration of early pregnancy.The diameter of the straw is only a few millimeters. You can directly enter the uterine cavity without expanding the uterine cavity during surgery.

There is no abdominal pressure after the straw enters the uterine cavity, so that the damage to the female uterine cavity is largely reduced to a large extent, and the wheel tube can be freely bent and can reach any of the uterine cavity, and it can directly suck the gestational sac.The entire surgery time is short and the amount of bleeding is small, so that there is no use of alternatives without a large area of liver skills, and the trauma effect is recovered quickly.

Compared with the metal tube, colorless transparency patients will not have fear. If there are many abortion surgery many times, it is easy to perforate the abortion surgery uterus again.In addition, this kind of uterine tissue attractive tube is greatly reduced to the possibility of uterine perforation. The damage of the uterine cavity of female friends is reduced to a minimum degree. It is more hygienic and safe at one time without causing cross -infection.

The infection with different aids has been recognized by gynecologists and patients since its listing.The contrast between one -time tissue detonation and traditional metal equipment.The uterine tissue attraction package is made of high -tech polymer materials. It is soft to tissue contact, and the touch is excellent. It reduces the patient’s trauma and pain to greatly reduce the risk of medical accidents, reduce intended disputes, reduce artificial abortion surgery,The risk of infertility from coming to avoid traditional use of equipment may cause cross -infection.

Traditional metal instruments are sharply conducive to tissue contact. It feels that cold patients are more painful and fearful during the operation.Organization is destroyed, and the reduction in the chance of pregnancy brings the sterilization process of infertility. It is difficult to conduct effective monitoring and inspection, and there is a risk of cross -infection.

The clinical conclusion: The suite is composed of the European uterine tissue attraction tube mainly consisting of physiology, straws and carbon needles.The set is an ED -cavity tissue -attractive tube. It is made of medical polyethylene material. It has a good bending and two -way ninety -degree, repeatedly bent twenty times, without disclosure.

Compared with the control group in use, the use of a set is a disposable uterine tissue to attract the pain of patients to reduce the pain and avoid the expansion of different types.Shorten the operation time.Compared with the traditional abortion equipment, the first -time tissue attraction tube is pregnant in the middle finger. It has almost less painless bleeding, short surgery time, and the advantages of simple operation to reduce postoperative complications, which is worthy of clinical promotion.

The operation description has carbon expansion. The carbon first carbon steamed carbon test in the carbon is first expanded. According to the clinical needs, the cervix is half -expanded in the palace.After entering the uterine cavity slowly, exercise slowly up, down, left and right in the uterine cavity, and within one to two minutes.It can be seen that the pocket -proof and blood stop operation observation obtained, obtained the size of Peinan and the pregnancy weeks and stopped surgery.If you use TC four or TC six, remove the attractive tube and gently scan the bottom and the palace feet with the flower pond.Check whether the uterine cavity is absorbed, and then reintegrate the attractive tube if necessary, and use low negative pressure again.

A circle of uterine cavity is its advantage is that the texture is soft and smooth, and the hose can be freely bent freely to any place where the uterine cavity is achieved.The entire surgery time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the endometrium damage is small and the pain is mild.Made of polymer medical materials, soft and elastic texture, can be freely operated in the uterine cavity, so traditional surgical tools such as uterine feet and fallopian tubes cannot be touched.Avoid leakage or insufficiency, more hygienic and safe use at one time, will not cause cross -infection and marriage infections.

The supporting design is reasonable, the uterine probe material is soft and flexible, and it can be bent properly with the direction of the uterine position.The palace semi -palace semi -decreasing at the time of advanced, all replaced the function of multiple library palaces and half because of the increasing half -headed half body.The product packaging combination, with a vaginal dilatator with LED lights, has a better vision and convenient operation.

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