Early pregnancy: Yin Chao or abdomen?How long can I get pregnant?

The pregnancy test stick shows "two bars", pregnant ~~

At this time, pregnant mothers are generally ignorant, and they are more problems with ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy –

1 Yin Chao?Being super?Will Yin Chao cause abortion?

From a professional perspective, Yin Chao leads to miscarriage is nonsense.

The B -ultrasound during the early pregnancy is troublesome, and the vaginal B -ultrasound is relatively simple, and it needs to be emptied.

The probe of the overwhelming time is placed in the patient’s vagina and does not enter the cervical canal or even the uterine cavity.

The focus of the ultrasound during early pregnancy is to determine whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy, whether the position and structure of the pregnancy sac are normal, determine the development and number of embryos, and detect abnormal uterus and appendix early, such as uterine malformations, fibroids, and lumps in the appendix area, etc.Essence

2 How long can ultrasound usually be determined to be pregnant in the palace?

Taking women with a menstrual rule for 28 days as an example, through vaginal ultrasound, the early 5 weeks of pregnancy can be seen.

3 Is there any side effects of ultrasound?

The B ultrasound is ultrasonic conduction. This sound waves have no harm to human tissue. The regular B ultrasound equipment has strict control over the ultrasound output power. So far, the normal B -ultrasound has not produced any adverse reactions.

4 What is biochemical pregnancy?

It means that the sperm and egg are combined, but the fertilized eggs did not return to the uterus to bed, or returned, and did not go to bed, called biochemical pregnancy.It only shows the rise of blood HCG, and the B -ultrasound checks the formation of no pregnancy sac.

In a little bit, I have been here, but I have never lived in your home.

5 What is an empty pregnancy sac?

It is a type of tire stop. After the occurrence, natural abortion will occur, which is also the result of the survival of the fittest.

In layman’s terms, the house was built, but did not wait for the appearance of the owner.

Generally speaking, the average diameter of the gestational sac is> 20mm, without the yolk sac, the superb doctor believes that it is a withered gestational sac, also known as an empty pregnancy sac.

6 Ultrasound Report Tips

"There is no obvious echo in the palace, mixed with the left/right side, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy may be combined with clinical."

This report means that the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is high.It is necessary to combine clinical symptoms and blood HCG examination.

The main clinical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include menopause, abdominal pain, vaginal hemorrhage and even syncope and shock.

Generally speaking, the HCG can be detected after a week of conception. When the blood HCG is 1000U/L, the vaginal ultrasound can be identified out of the gestational sac in the palace. When the blood HCG is 6500U/L.Pregnant sac, such as 48 hours of blood HCG, <50%prompts ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, whether it is B -ultrasound during early pregnancy, or gynecological examination, or the review of diseases such as uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, it is recommended that patients choose vaginal B -ultrasound with high frequency, high resolution, and clear image.EssenceIf the range of lesions is large, combining the two will achieve a better diagnosis effect.

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