During the pregnancy, these five situations are normal, and many pregnant mothers have ever.

Girlfriendin (pseudonym) who was pregnant for 6 months, came to my house on Sunday, and poured two glasses of boiling water for Su Su during the chat. Maybe Su Su was thirsty at that time.Two bathrooms, her husband was watching TV at that time. When Su Su went to the bathroom for the third time, her husband was dumbfounded. How long will it be on?Su Su is very embarrassed.

In fact, these 5 cases of women will occur during pregnancy. Generally, women who are pregnant have been worried. Normally, don’t worry.

1. frequent urination during pregnancy

With the slowly increase of the uterus, pregnant women will compress the bladder, causing the bladder to not store too much urine. Generally, women who are not pregnant do not go to the toilet once for a long time, but you may have to run two or three times an hour or three times in pregnancy. SpecialIt was a night many times in winter, and I couldn’t sleep well for one night.

2. Farted farting during pregnancy

There will be such a situation during pregnancy. My good girlfriends have to put it many times a day during pregnancy, but some people at home are not very embarrassed.Sometimes when I chatted with my friends, I suddenly farted, which was very embarrassing, I don’t know what to say.

3. Oral breath during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very easy to get angry, especially when they get angry, they can not take medicine, they dare not face when they talk to friends. I am afraid of embarrassment. Friends think you do n’t brush your teeth.Stomach breath is also normal, don’t be embarrassed.

4. During pregnancy, the belly becomes black

During pregnancy, melanin precipitation will appear, so the abdomen skin of pregnant women will be dark.Especially the navel, underarms, faces, and necks will become dark, but pregnant mothers do not have to worry about eating more fruits during pregnancy, and they will slowly recover after childbirth.

5. The body has a odor during pregnancy

Women have a bad odor during pregnancy. Most pregnant women have had it. Even if pregnant women change their clothes every day, they can smell the odor on her body.Love hygiene.

In fact, it is normal for women to have these situations during pregnancy. Don’t be embarrassed, because many women have had it, but as long as they do well every day, don’t worry about these things.In short, keep good sleep every day, eat reasonably, eat more high -vitamin -high foods, exercise appropriately every day, fetal baby will be healthy and healthy.

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