During the pregnancy, I was beaten by my husband because of a small matter. Should I divorce?

This is the case. That night I asked him to give me a bubble basin under the bed. He looked at it and did not want to bend over and lay down to get me and let my daughter go down.Let the child take it, just because I said this, he sat down directly and didn’t take it for me. At that time, her mother and her sister were there, and the two looked at nothing.Then I was on fire, throwing the door to sleep in the bedroom.

Later, he came over to sleep, and I asked him why he would not take it for me. He said that he would not point him in the future, and I was on fire. He cried and said why you would not take it for me.Come on, it’s very hard, it may hurt.He also began to hit me. He couldn’t beat his stomach. He pressed me directly on the bed and instigated my head. We hit each other. He beat me on the wall.Later, fucking came, and said that I took it out for me to wash my foot basin. I said what’s useful, and I left it. What is the use of it?She said that his son was doing the virtue and let me let him order. I said why let your son, I just do this, let him let me.Then I pushed my mother -in -law out and didn’t want to see her. My mother -in -law didn’t say that his son was not. He made me a pregnant woman like this and asked me to let his son. Finally, his sister advised me for a long time. That night, it passed.After half a month, I have been dizzy. It was the reason he hit me. He went to the hospital to check the doctor and said that pregnant women could not do CT.

In this way, we have been sleeping in a room, and I didn’t tell my parents that they didn’t want them to worry. Until now, my parents don’t know that this is something on September 24, 2019.Now I have given birth to a child. I still ignore me during the confinement. I don’t want to let this matter go like this, but I don’t know what to deal with it. I want to ask everyone to give opinions.

my reply:

Hello friends, I feel that you are in a dilemma now, and you only know that pregnant women are far from being single when they are not single.The family is not a reasonable place, not to mention just to quarrel with the foot basin. In fact, I don’t think it is necessary to identify who is right and who is wrong. Just two days after the quarrel.However, it is really serious to hit a pregnant woman. Even if it is not a pregnant woman, it should not be that your husband’s bottom line is too low.

From the perspective of life, it is inappropriate to reject this person or forgive this person, but you should have an in -depth communication with your husband in this matter.In this case, any improvement of a similar conflict has occurred again, and you should consider breaking up.However, how many people with domestic violence have not divorced all their lives, and marriage is really not so chic.

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