During the ovulation during ovulation, in the same room?The 15 hot issues they are concerned about

Polycystic ovarian syndrome women have difficulty getting pregnant because of their ovulation problems, so that the quality of eggs is not good.

At present, women who have poor ovulation due to polycysts have gradually increased, so if you get rid of the polycysts with high -quality eggs, how can you get pregnant with your baby smoothly?Today we analyze the hot issues often encountered in polycystic therapy one by one to provide reference suggestions for everyone’s medical treatment.

1. Why didn’t you get pregnant?

Some polycystic patients can ovulate, but because the follicle development is immature, the follicles discharged have no fertilization ability, and women cannot get pregnant.

2. Is there more follicles, the better?

Some people think that the more follicles are, the higher the pregnancy rate.Although there are many small follicles in the ovaries of polycystic patients, they are not mature.

3. Can polycycles promote pregnancy?

The follicles are not large and no ovulation. It can promote the development of follicles by promoting rowing, taking medicines or acupuncture, and promoting follicle development and ovulation ovulation.

4. Why can’t some people be pregnant after urging?

Whether you can get pregnancy after the rowing of polycycles depends on the severity of the disease.If the condition is mild, you will have the opportunity to get pregnant directly.If the condition is severe, treat it first and then promote it.If it is blindly promoted, not only can you not be pregnant, but also excessively stimulate the ovaries.

5. After a child is given one child, do the second child need to promote the row?

Some people say that the sac is not cured well, and after a child is given a child, it will occur again. In fact, after a lot of patients have a child, there is no need to treat the second child without treatment.

6. Can I get pregnant after losing weight?

Most polycystic patients are fat. Through exercise, they can condition endocrine, reduce the level ofrogen levels, and improve insulin resistance. However, the effect of weight loss is limited. If you want to get pregnant, the key is to treat.

This patient was treated with weight loss and ovarian function returned to normal, and two treasures were born.

7. Can polycystic menstrual disorders be treated?

Under normal circumstances, the menstruation of polycystic patients is very irregular. Some have been every two or three months, and some have been two or three times a month. There is no regularity to follow. This situation needs to be treated in time to restore the normal menstrual cycle.

8. Do you have to eat Da Ying?

Da Ying can reduce androgen, regulate endocrine, regulate menstruation to normal, and patients with mild disease. After menstrual rules, hormone secretion is returned to normal, and follicles can grow up.

9. Why not menstruation if you stop the medicine?

Some patients have menstruation when they take medicine, and they will stop menstruation. This happens because the medicine they eat is not cured and did not improve ovarian function.Only by combined treatment to restore ovarian function can menstruation return to normal.

10. Can I conceive a healthy child?

Some polycystic patients are pregnant and are worried that their children are unhealthy.In fact, as long as there are no problems in other links, but when you can get pregnant after ovulation, the child’s health will not have problems because the mother suffers from polycystic.

11. Is it necessary to cure without fertility?

Without fertility needs, if menstruation is normal and normal life is not affected, it can be temporarily not treated. However, symptoms such as weighty, hairy, and acne are prone to polycystic. The longer the time, the higher the chance.Therefore, even if there is no fertility, it is necessary to treat it if necessary.

The polycystic needs to be treated, but whether it can be pregnant after treatment is whether the therapy is right. This is why some people have pregnant after a month or two, and some people have a long time to treat them.

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