During the earthquake, a man threw his 9 -month -old wife out of the balcony, and the child was born smoothly!

Earthquake wreckage

It is reported that during the earthquake of the Malans of Karaman, Turkey, a man working at night immediately threw his 9 -month -old wife from the balcony out of the building, thereby saving her life.

The woman rescued by her husband was called Tuba Aktaş. Two days after the earthquake, she was taken to a hospital in Istanbul for delivery.She said: "Our house is on the second floor. When the earthquake occurred, I was panicked. My husband threw me out of the balcony. When I fell to the outside of the building, I thought I was going to lose the baby in my stomach.When I returned to God, the building collapsed instantly, and all our neighbors were buried under the rubble. "

The surviving woman Tuba Akta (Tuba Aktaş) and the newborn baby

The surviving woman Tuba continued to say, "After I was thrown out of the building, my stomach started to hurt, and we went to the hospital. I learned that the child was okay. We were relieved. Later, we came to Istanbul.Here, I didn’t expect to come in this way. Because my sister lives here, I can take care of us. Thanks for everything, let our family live lucky. "

Baby born the next day after the earthquake

"I felt the earthquake, and immediately took my wife to the balcony." Said Murat Aktaş, the surviving man Murat Akta.When he realized that during the earthquake, he pushed the pregnant wife out of the balcony and saved the life of the family.Murat mentioned that he was working that night and felt the earthquake when he went to the bathroom. He did not hesitate to hold his wife to the balcony downstairs, and then ran out of the door by himself.He said: "We live on the second floor of a family apartment. No one else except us has escaped, and our neighbors are buried under the collapsed building. I took my wife to the nearby.A kindergarten, stayed here for two days, and then we came to a hospital in Istanbul. Our son was born smoothly, where he is healthy here. "

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