During the breastfeeding during pregnancy, can you use skin care products?What should I pay attention to?

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During pregnancy and lactation, it is a special period for mothers.

In these two periods, we will pay attention to many issues, such as,

What should I eat more, eat less or not to eat;

What should I do, don’t wipe …

We will worry this way, the reason is very simple, because we are not sure,

Is there any ingredients in the food and wipes, and can be absorbed into the body through the gastrointestinal tract or skin barrier.

Then, through the placenta and umbilical cord, what impact on the developed baby, or when breastfeeding, enter the milk, and be eaten by the baby into the stomach.

Fortunately, we can see that we can see that cabbage is cabbage and radish is radish.

Skin care products are troublesome. Who knows what components are in this bottle and can.

So some mothers simply do not use anything, wash their faces with clear water, and face the sky;

Some mothers buy baby skin care products and wipe some baby cream.Thinking of products that babies can use, it should always be safe.

Is this really better?During the breastfeeding during pregnancy, can you use skin care products?What should we pay attention to?

Today, I will talk to you about this.

Some expectant mothers said that since pregnancy, the skin is very good. The whole person is full of time, and the girl is 10 years old.Another part of the expectant mothers felt that after pregnancy, the skin became darker, the face loved oil and acne, or dried.

The seemingly extremely different changes are related to hormones.

During pregnancy and lactation, the level of hormones and metabolism in the body is very large, especially during pregnancy.

Relevant investigations say that about half of women will have skin problems during pregnancy, mainly concentrated in acne, dryness and color spots.

These problems will gradually decrease as the baby is born for a while, as the hormones return to normal level.

I used to have a few butterfly spots before. Although it is a lot lighter now, it can be seen carefully.

Quietly speaking: It turns black under the underarm and thighs because the pigment deposition is not exactly the same as the problem of pigmentation.Pigment deposits will be eliminated after the baby is born. In this regard, expectant mothers should not worry.

Washing your face with water, the face facing the sky, seemingly harmless, is not a good way.

Because water evaporates, it will take away the moisture of the skin itself. If there is no protection measures at this time, the skin will easily become more dry, and it will also accelerate the aging of the skin.

There are many mothers who do this. Everyone thinks that since the baby can use it, we must use it.

In fact, this is not exactly that.

Adults’ skin is different from the baby, and the needs of nursing are different.

The baby’s small face can be broken, the skin content is high, the sebum secretion is small, and the stratum corneum is thin.Therefore, the function of baby cream is very single, mainly moisturizing and moisturizing, not too irritating.

But for us, the skin content of the skin is less than half of the baby. The stratum corneum is thick and it is not easy to draw nutrition.In addition to moisturizing and moisturizing, we also need to hydrate, anti -wrinkle, anti -aging, firming, pores … and so on.

Baby cream cannot satisfy our skin. Long -term use will also affect the skin condition.

Even if it is a sensitive muscle, dermatologists will recommend you to use special products for sensitive skin to improve, instead of using baby cream instead.

As mentioned earlier, because of hormones, skin problems during pregnancy are mainly concentrated in acne, dryness and color spots.

So at least we must do clean, moisturizing and sun protection.

Details must still be targeted at your own skin condition.For example, some mothers have dry skin and some skin oil.It is normal for some skin to become a skin type.

Come on,

Most of the daily skin care products are completely safe during breastfeeding during pregnancy.

The premise is to buy through regular channels. Choose the product inspection, there are brands guaranteed products, and they buy genuine products.

As far as the editor is personal, during pregnancy, breastfeeding was used to use the previous skin care products, and there was no wrong situation.

If there is uncomfortable, I think I should stop it, and change the product with a more single function, such as the cream of hydrating and moisturizing.

But I did pay attention to it. I did n’t have tried new brands during that period. The new products were all used.

This is personal opinion.Because I feel that the previous habits during pregnancy are much smaller than the risk of changing habits, so it will not change skin care products during pregnancy.

Moms may also see some "skin care taboos during pregnancy" on the Internet or books, such as vitamin A. Salmonic acid is harmful to the baby.

Does these ingredients affect?What is the impact?Are there any skin care products you use?Let’s say slowly below.

● Vitamin A acid

This ingredients usually appear in anti -aging skin care products, which can help reduce wrinkles and accelerate skin renewal.

Because too much vitamin A may be harmful to the baby, vitamin A acids in skin care products have attracted everyone’s attention.

But Xiaobian understands that we use skin care products on the skin, nor do we eat it.Moreover, how many grams of cream are there, and how much vitamin A can contain.

If you are worried, you can see if your skin care products are there any following words, all of which are vitamin A acid and related derivatives.If so and worry, don’t use this product first.

Differin (adaplene), Retin-A, RENOVA, Retinoic Acid vitamin A, Retinol retiner, vitamin A linoleic acid, vitamin A palmate.

● salicylic acid

This ingredients often appear in skin care products of oily skin and acne muscles, which can reduce skin inflammation and exfoliating.

Salmonic acid is aspirin. It may be because of this reason that it should be said to avoid contact during pregnancy.

Xiaobian still feels that it is not eaten, nor is it a whole body. Only a little on the face. If you are worried, you can also see the ingredients. Salicylic Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA).

Many acne products and exfoliating products contain salicylic acid.

● sunscreen

Winter is okay now, and you must pay attention to summer.

It really doesn’t work without sunscreen.The problem of pigmentation during pregnancy was not exposed to the sun, and the skin was easily exposed to the sun.

If you are worried about chemical sunscreen, you can choose a sunscreen with physical sunscreen.Components such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are physical sunscreen.

If you still dare not use it, you can bring a parasol and a sun hat.In short, we must sunscreen.

Don’t forget, apply sunscreen, you must remove makeup.Wash your face with a special makeup remover.Cleaning is always one of the most important steps for skin care.

● Essential oil

Some people say that essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy, because essential oils are small molecules and strong permeability; others say that ordinary essential oil products have low purity and can be used.

Xiaobian is not a professionals in this area, and I have never used essential oils, so I dare not say.

However, if you are using massage oil, stretch marks oil, pure dew, it is recommended to take a closer look at the ingredients for essential oils.If you don’t worry, don’t use it first.

In fact, when this, many mothers will worry,

What should I do if I have used it?

I just found that there is vitamin A acid in the cream, what should I do?

Don’t worry, don’t worry, really don’t be so nervous,

We can think about the skin care products on the face. Only a little skin can be absorbed.

The ingredients that absorb them are through the placenta during pregnancy, the breastfeeding during breastfeeding, and how much can it really reach the baby.

What’s more, we are not eating, just wipe.

These ingredients are based on oral and large doses.We wipe that a little bit, far from a large dose.

Still, most of the daily skin care products are completely safe during breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Therefore, even if you find that there is anything in the cream, don’t be nervous, feel uneasy, just don’t need it now.

Xiaobian said

Well, that’s it during pregnancy and lactating skin care.We need to care for the skin in special periods. We need most skin care products for adult skin care products. If you are particularly worried, you can avoid vitamin A, salicylic acid, chemical sunscreen and essential oils (although normal use is also safe to be safe..

Pregnant women and mothers can pay more attention to the relevant standards of "special skin care products during pregnancy." This word is the concept made by merchants.

The so -called pure plant is also natural.

We can’t just look at these propaganda, we still have to look at the ingredients.

What I want to say to mother -in -law is to be careful not to let the baby accidentally eat your skin care products.

For example, you just applied skin care products, the baby grabbed your face, and then stuffed into your mouth to eat.This situation is best to avoid.

Is there any peace of mind now?I wish you all beautiful ~

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