During pregnancy, women are prone to kidney disease and do 6 preventive kidney damage

Girl Yao, a white -collar worker in Fuzhou City, often relies on painkillers and pain.Once she took painkillers, she had a stress reaction and kept vomiting. In addition, she had a loss of appetite and insufficient blood capacity. When she went to the hospital, her creatinine had reached nearly 300umol/L.

In the traditional concepts of many people, most of the nephropathy is a problem that men can occur. In fact, the incidence of nephropathy is much higher than that of men.According to statistics, chronic kidney disease has accumulated 195 million women around the world, ranking 8th in the cause of death, leading to 600,000 female patients per year.

The reason why women are susceptible to certain kidney diseases are closely related to women’s physiological characteristics.For example, the short urinary tract structure, the difference in sex hormones, the use of cosmetics, and hair dyeing with feminine characteristics have caused femininity to be higher than men.

Especially during pregnancy, women are more likely to have kidney function.

During pregnancy, women’s kidney burdens are worse. Some women have no kidney disease, but nephropathy occurs during pregnancy, called kidney disease during pregnancy.

Some women have had chronic kidney disease. After pregnancy, the risk of risk of kidney disease is higher.At the same time, some children born with nephropathy mothers may carry susceptible genes and are prone to kidney disease. Therefore, they should pay attention to kidney disease during pregnancy.

Do a good job of preventing kidney damage at 6 points

1. In the daily life of women, we must reasonably diet, the laws of rest, and moderate exercise, and often maintain a happy mood.

2. Do not lose weight blindly, especially young women, eating weight loss pills may cause kidney damage.

3. Women who have long -term hair dye perm and makeup, pay attention to prevent heavy metals in cosmetics, as well as chemicals in hair dye to damage the kidneys.

4. Forbidden to bath, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the vulva and urethral opening, avoid fatigue and constipation, and drink more water.

5. Do not superstitize the function of health products. The nutrition during pregnancy should be balanced, supplement sufficient amount of vitamins, and control the amount of salt.

6. Before marriage and pregnancy, we must conduct regular physical examinations. Usually, actively deal with colds and infection. The symptoms of kidney disease must be fully paid attention to and seek medical treatment in time.

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