During pregnancy, tooth decay can be caught in the baby!

Gingitis cannot heal itself

Pregnancy itself does not cause gingivitis and periodontitis.However, during pregnancy, the level of progesterone has risen rapidly, making the vascular hyperplasia in the gums, enhancement of vascular permeability, and the stimulation of the periodontal tissue to the oral cavity.Mother’s discomfort can easily induce gingivitis, that is, gingivitis during pregnancy, usually 3 months or two months before pregnancy.

Gingivitis cannot heal itself. Therefore, it is necessary to remove local stimulus factors such as dental plaque and dental stones early before pregnancy. The maintenance and maintenance of oral hygiene is also very important. The residual food residues, soft dirt, and plaque will cause periodontal tissue weeklyThe infection will even become more and more intense.

Blocking the wisdom teeth as soon as possible

The obstructing wisdom tooth is also called the third molar. Because of the hindrance to the jaw and other teeth, it cannot be completely sprung up, causing some tooth to be covered by the gums.Because there is a deeper gap between the dental body and the gums, the food residues are easy to accumulate, resulting in bacterial breeding and breeding, causing acute and chronic wisdom tooth crown inflammation.

Before pregnancy, expectant mothers should do a comprehensive oral examination to remove the residual roots that should be removed early and the wisdom teeth that cannot be sprung up normally.If it fails to remove timely, if the symptoms are caused during pregnancy, the timing of tooth extraction should be strictly grasped.In the early and at the end of pregnancy, it is not suitable for dental removal surgery. It is safer at 3 to 6 months of pregnancy. In other times or special circumstances, you can choose conservatively non -invasive drug treatment to relieve symptoms.In addition, oral examination and treatment during pregnancy should be taken to avoid radiation examinations. Under the guidance of doctors, the drug should be reasonably selected to avoid abnormal fetal development due to unreasonable use of drugs.

Tooth decay during pregnancy can be caught in the baby

The physiological and life and eating habits of pregnant women will change a lot, and changes in food varieties and frequency changes to a large extent affecting the changes in the pH value of the oral cavity.Frequent vomiting and neglect of oral hygiene care often leads to huge changes in the environment in the oral cavity, which can easily lead to tooth decay.

Some existing tooth decays are also easily developed into acute pulpitis and symptoms of pertinence, such as acute symptoms such as root inflammation and root swelling.These unbearable swelling and pain have brought great pain to the body and mind of pregnant women, and the possibility of a baby with tooth decay is greatly increased.Therefore, it is beneficial to the cure of tooth decay before pregnancy.Pay attention to oral hygiene, expectant mothers should start with brushing daily.Two and 3 minutes of brushing can make the teeth healthier and stronger.

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