During pregnancy, these three things are the most likely to "panic" when you are in your heart?

Pregnant mothers know that there are many matters that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy, because pregnant mothers are a special individual after pregnancy. At this time, not only should they take care of their bodies, but they must also pay attention to the health of the fetus in the stomach.Many pregnant mothers have changed from the omnipotent female man to a cautious little male. Before pregnancy, the mothers who were chasing dramas and playing games overnight and playing games would be afraid that the radiation of the phone will affect the baby of the phone after pregnancy.EssenceThis exaggerated carefulness is not only the caution of the first mother, but also the glory of motherhood.So let’s talk about it in the process of pregnancy, what are the most panicked for pregnant mothers?

1. Worried about fetal fetal heart buds in early pregnancy

For this, it is the idea of many mothers in early pregnancy. When there is any movement of the stomach, they are scared and afraid, and they are afraid that the child will not adapt to a little bit.Some Baoma was checked when she was pregnant. If it was time to have a fetal heart, but the whole person would be nervous.And when there is a little pain in the stomach, many Baoma will think that there is a problem with the baby, and hurry to run in the hospital.As a result, the doctor also cried and laughed. After watching it for a long time, I did n’t know where the pregnant mother said it hurts. In the end, I found that there was no problem. I knew that it was caused by the pregnant mother too nervous and it was not a big deal.

2. Worried about fetal development in the middle of pregnancy

There are also many Baoma who will become extremely careful after pregnancy, because fearing that her actions will hurt the fetus. After all, in order to be born and safe to be healthy and safe, the mothers have a twelve -point spirit to observe the belly, afraid of fear of the belly, afraid of fear of the belly.There is a trace of mistake.In the second trimester, the pregnant mother was also worried that the fetus in the stomach was abnormal, so many Baoma wished to go to the hospital every day, for fear that the baby in the stomach would make a little mistake.In fact, such concerns are understandable. After all, mothers care about the baby, but don’t put too much mental pressure on yourself, otherwise it will really affect the fetus.

3. Fetal movement in the third trimester is worried about fetal hypoxia

Many Baoma said that before the fetus, the fetus was looking forward to the fetal movement before the fetal movement.For this, many pregnant mothers will worry about it. After all, at the last moment, the pregnant mother hopes to lose, and hopes that the baby can be born safely.But pregnant mothers should not be too anxious, they still have to stabilize their emotions and prepare for the baby’s birth.

In fact, the worries of pregnant mothers are also normal, after all, because of their love for babies.But you must also control your emotions. Don’t worry and worry about it. It is better to learn to learn some parenting knowledge to be practical.Have you been so nervous?

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