During pregnancy, the weight gain during pregnancy has increased by more than 70 kilograms.

Small News Client April 14th (YMG All -Media Reporter Liu Jin correspondent Li Chengxiu) 26 -year -old Xiao Chen is a expectant mother who is 39 weeks pregnant. She has increased by 70 pounds since she was pregnant and reached 194.catty.During a hospital check -up in Laoshan District, the doctor reminded her to control the weight, but she felt that she was young and had no problem. She kept it alone. As a result, the edema was getting heavier.Essence

The whole body edema did not go to the clinic, the expectant mother was helpless to cesters

Xiao Chen, who lives in the Laishan District, has grown up since she was pregnant. She had soared to 194 pounds in less than 8 months, and she had been ignored by the proposal to control the doctor’s weight in less than 8 months.Two months ago, she appeared edema of her feet, and she could not be relieved even after rest, and gradually spread to her body.

Half a month ago, Xiao Chen had an obvious response to his mouth crooked and accompanied by closing obstacles of the eyes. In desperation, he could only go to Yantai Yuyu Ding Hospital for further examination.The test results are the right neuritis.After treatment, the symptoms were relieved.What she didn’t expect was that her blood pressure rose to 148/91mmHg on April 9, accompanied by headache and dazzling, diagnosed with hypertension during pregnancy.Wang Yuping, the attending physician of Yantai Yuyu Ding Hospital, saw this scene, "Immediately, he was admitted to the hospital, and the urine protein was checked after hospitalization. The blood pressure rose to 168/111mmHg."" ".

She can’t lie flat, and the surgery is raised throughout the process

After she was pushed in the surgery, the anesthesiologist Sun Ziqi evaluated: "Patients’ whole body is edema. Preoperative examination shows that there is obvious thoracic effusion, and it is accompanied by dizziness and headache caused by hypertension during pregnancy.Chest tightness and breath. "

She told reporters that although it is difficult to implement internal anesthesia in the spinal canal under this circumstance, there are still some advantages. The anesthesia in the spinal canal is mild in circulation.Load ahead.In addition, it has an advantage in postoperative analgesic to reduce the risk of postoperative heart failure.The entire surgery process also focuses on this period of fetal delivery, because the abdominal pressure drop after delivery, the blood volume of the heart increases, and the heart burden increases. In severe cases, it will cause heart failure and pulmonary edema to endanger the safety of pregnant women.

"In this case, we don’t recommend the delivery, because the delivery will cause patients to increase the physiology of blood pressure and increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. The entire surgery process, the incision of the patient flows out a lot of liquids, which are caused by edema, which are caused by edema.. We use diuretic drugs to excrete it. Fortunately, the surgery was finally completed smoothly, and the mother and baby were safe. "Wang Yuping said.

Calcium supplementation of hypertension during pregnancy and hypertension should be used to prevent calcium supplementation

"Hypertension during pregnancy is a disease that coexist with pregnancy and hypertension. The incidence rate reaches 5%-12%, including hypertension during pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, preliminary hypertension, preliminary preliminary preliga, chronic high hypertoniaBlood pressure. It seriously affects the health of maternal and infant health, which is the main reason for the rising mortality rate of maternal and siege diseases. "Wang Yuping told reporters," Unfortunately, the pathogenesis mechanism has not been fully clarified so far, it is a multi -factor and multi -mechanism disease."

Hypertension during pregnancy, increased blood pressure is the most common manifestation. Severe patients can also cause proteinuria, manifested as lower limb edema, abdominal wall edema, eyelid edema, and even headache, dizziness, chest tightness, suffering, nausea, vomiting, vomitingAnd upper abdomen discomfort."If lower limb edema occurs during pregnancy and cannot be relieved after rest, you need to monitor blood pressure and urine routine, and be alert to hypertension during pregnancy." Wang Yuping said, "There is currently no effective way for people with low -risk people.Proper exercise, rest on time, reasonable diet, etc. to prevent. "

It is also important to prevent hypertension during pregnancy, which is calcium supplementation."Normal pregnant women need 800mg of calcium per day during pregnancy, and 1000mg of calcium during pregnancy and late pregnancy. It should be noted that only 30%-40%of the demand can be consumed in normal diet.It is necessary to start at least 600 mg of calcium daily to supplement until delivery. According to the 2020 "Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension Diseases during pregnancy", it is recommended to take calcium supplementation for low calcium intake.Early stage of epilepsy. Starting from 11-13+6 weeks of pregnancy, small doses of aspirin can be given to prevent the occurrence of early occurrence of eclampsia. Such drugs are safe for pregnant women and fetuses, and can be used with confidence. "Wang Yuping said.

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