During pregnancy, the quality of sleep becomes "slag". If you can’t sleep over and over, what good suggestions are there?

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Began to show your arms in the second trimester, and his stomach gradually became as big as blowing balloon, and fetal movement could be perceived.

This is a wonderful feeling for the mother -in -law.But there was a little trouble in this happiness. The fetus was too active, and the pregnant mother couldn’t sleep at night.

Such "forced to stay up late" really hurts the body, but helplessly, the quality of sleep becomes "scum" during pregnancy, obviously sleepy but insomnia.Either want to do what the fetus does in the uterus at night, or whether he will be pressed to him when he sleeps.

1. Hiccup

The environment at night is quiet, and the pregnant mother is ready to sleep. The little movement of the baby in the belly is more likely to be perceived.

If you find that your stomach moves and moves, it is likely that the baby is snoring, or boring amniotic fluid.The baby’s snoring is well recognized, usually more regular, and stops with the changes in the posture.

2. Sports on the left with one leg and one leg

The baby’s energy is strong, but without the concept of adults, the mother’s uterus will be used as a game.Eat hands, play umbilical cords, roll, kick, etc., when you play, you can wake up your mother in the middle of the night, but you may not worry about it.

3. Sleep

Of course, the fetus will sleep in the mother’s belly at night, but the time is usually very short.When they wake up, they will toss again.

Sleeping is not good at night, what good suggestions?This should start with the cause of difficulty during pregnancy.

Insomnia during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. According to epidemiological studies, the insomnia rate is about 34%in the early pregnancy, and it will rise to 68%to 80%in the middle and late pregnancy, which is affected by many factors.

1. Hormone changes

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body will have greater volatility changes, which will have an impact on physiology and psychology. It is easy to make pregnant mothers anxious and difficulty in sleep.

2. frequent urination

In the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus increased the bladder, which caused the pregnant mothers to have different degrees of urine phenomenon. Frequent nights at night, naturally they could not sleep well.

3. Leg cramps

As the month of pregnancy is getting deeper and deeper, the pregnant mother is also prone to leg cramps after falling asleep. It is difficult to wake up from the dream again.

Everyone knows this in the evening of pregnancy. Everyone knows this, but what impact does it have?From the perspective of pregnant mothers, poor sleep quality can lead to rising blood pressure, which can easily lead to diabetes and multiple complications, and endangers health.From the perspective of the fetus, the lack of sleep in pregnant mothers will directly affect his growth and development.

At different stages of pregnancy, the factors that cause poor sleep are also different. It needs to be solved targeted. The specific operation details are as follows:

Early pregnancy (before 12 weeks of pregnancy):

Frequent urination, nausea and vomiting, and heat in the body are the main causes of poor sleeping mothers in the early pregnancy.

For frequent urination: Do not drink water within one hour before going to bed, you can drink more during the day.

For nausea and vomiting: When you get up in the morning, eat some bread, oatmeal, etc. to relieve stomach discomfort, and then eat other foods.

For hot and hot: Choose breathable and comfortable cotton clothing and bedding.

In the second trimester (13-27 weeks of pregnancy):

The endocrine changes at this stage are basically stable, which leads to the difficulty of sleeping in pregnant mothers to fall asleep.

Aiming at heartburne: The enlarged uterus compresses the stomach of the pregnant mother and causes gastric acid to reflux. It is recommended that you go to sleep with the left side position with your knees, and then slightly raise the pillow to reduce gastric acid reflux and relieve stomach discomfort.

For leg cramps: there are often leg cramps in the middle of pregnancy. Calcium deficiency, fatigue, long -term station, etc. are incentives. It can be relieved by soaking feet, massage calf, and calcium supplementation.

In the third trimester (after 28 weeks of pregnancy):

Because the weight of expectant mothers has increased a lot, the nasal congestion snoring is the main cause of many pregnant mothers.

Snoring the nasal congestion: Stop snoring patch has a certain effect, which can improve the night breathing of pregnant mothers. The positive pressure ventilation device of the house can also be tried to ensure the oxygen supply during sleep.

The change in body shape and physical fitness after pregnancy will make it difficult for pregnant mothers to adapt, and it is normal for sleep difficulty. However, mastering the correct sleeping position can also improve sleep to a certain extent, or to provide advice on everyone according to stages.

Early pregnancy:

The body shape does not change much, so you don’t need to emphasize the sleeping position too much. Don’t sleep or hug things to sleep, so as not to cause pressure to the uterus.

In the middle of pregnancy:

If the lower limbs feel heavy, the sleeping position in the supine position is more comfortable, and it can be relieved with a soft pillow to relieve discomfort with a soft pillow.

Late pregnancy:

The abdomen bulge is higher. At this time, the main thing is to sleep comfortably. The left side can correct the right rotation of the uterus and reduce the pressure of the uterus to the abdomen.

Other small Tips: Sleep less during the day, exercise and go to bed early at night.Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed, soaking your feet before going to bed, or making a simple pregnant woman yoga is conducive to promoting sleep.Using a pregnant woman’s pillow helps pregnant mothers to adjust the comfortable position and relieve waist and back discomfort.If the insomnia is serious, you need to do a medical examination to eliminate pathological causes.

In short, women who are pregnant are not easy. Keep a good mentality to find themselves comfortable to themselves and their babies.

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