During pregnancy, the expectant mother kept moving as soon as she lay down?It may be these reasons

During the pregnancy, don’t look at the pregnant mother at home every day. In fact, people who are not pregnant in their bodies can’t feel it.Especially in the third trimester, expectant mothers have become the top priority, except for frequent nights at night.The baby’s baby is also "not honest", always coming from time to time when he is sleepy or dreaming.Then I woke up and drowned.

Many pregnant mothers will have such distress. Every time they lie down, the baby will start to be active, making themselves unable to sleep.And strangely, at this time, the fetal movement is relatively frequent.I can only get up to stay up late with my baby, and we have to face two panda eyes every day, which really becomes a "national treasure".If the pregnant mother is attentive, the fetus will be frequent at this time, and these trivial matters may occur.

Although the baby does not distinguish between day and night in the stomach of the pregnant mother, and there is no biological clock.But after April of pregnancy, the baby’s baby has perception of the outside world.It may be a pregnant mother who has been active for a day, and suddenly quietly calm down at night. The baby’s baby is a little uncomfortable with the quiet environment outside and needs the "care" of the quasi -mother.Then I started to move around, until I slowly adapt to the environment before calm down.You can also calm him down by "communicating" with the baby.

Other fetal baby will move in the stomach of the pregnant mother if you are full or hungry.After the fetus was full, he became active because he had "strength" and was very satisfied.Other fetal baby will also "tampered" for a long time if he is hungry at night, and the pregnant mother usually prepares some of them by her side, which can reduce the fetal movement.So if the expectant mothers during pregnancy, be sure to wait for food to digest for a while before bed.When adding meals at night, you should also eat some digestive foods to avoid burdens on the stomach.

Other fetal baby, frequent fetal movements at night, may be the problem of pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the sleeping posture of expectant mothers may affect the fetus.In the third trimester, the active space of the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother became very limited.Sometimes lying on the pregnant mother can make the baby uncomfortable. When the baby is uncomfortable, it will also send a little temper.Therefore, in the third trimester, it is very important to find a sleeping position to adapt to the fetus and pregnant mothers. Of course, the more scientific is the left side.

The goddess has something to say: It is actually a very common phenomenon during pregnancy.Sometimes the pregnant mother may be "tortured" by the little guy at night, and feels that the baby is particularly active at night.This may also be an illusion of pregnant mothers.Because in the daytime, pregnant mothers will be diverted by all kinds of things, and they cannot understand the baby’s condition in the stomach.When the end of the night is silent, some of the little movements of the baby may make the pregnant mother feel deeply.Therefore, pregnant mothers should relax, and usually pay more attention to the baby’s fetal movement.

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