During pregnancy, the dream of pregnancy is prone to appear under three conditions. The first two are not good for the fetus!

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There are many kinds of dreams, and for the mother of pregnancy, their dreams are redefined as "fetal dreams".The magic of this was passed down from generation to generation, and many versions were derived.For example, if you dream of animals such as snakes, black fish, or dragon and tigers, you mean you have to have a son; dreaming that flowers, water, etc. indicate that pregnant mothers want to have a daughter.

Is the baby dream during pregnancy?What do people say?

@Still women: I just got pregnant, there would be a python to bite me, I asked him if he was hungry, so I entered the house and took a fish, and then I held it in my arms, soothed it to put it and put it, put it and put it.The fish eats it.At that time, I didn’t mention how warm it was, and kissed my face when it left.Four months later, I really gave birth to a son!

@:: My body has been bad, and I have a miscarriage with 4 children.Every time I get pregnant, I always have some messy dreams.When I was pregnant with the first child, I dreamed that I stole melon in the watermelon floor, but none of the entire watermelon was half and half, and I was shattered; when I was pregnant with the second child, I reached a bamboo forest, those bamboo shoots, those bamboo shoots, those bamboo shoots.As soon as I grew up, I was broken by me; when I was pregnant with the third and fourth children, a little snake wanted to bite me, and I killed it directly.I really dare not get pregnant.

@Meow Meow: When I was pregnant, there were two little boys in the dream and laughed at me. A boy suddenly ran to me and said that he could cry if he could ask for two children.Hiding behind this little boy looked at me shyly.Then I promised him, sir one, and the second one in a few years.As a result, I gave birth to a boy. Now I am 6 years old and keep looking for my brother.

After listening to the answer, did you feel amazing?But the mother -in -law knows when it is the easiest to affect the baby dream?

During pregnancy, the dream of pregnancy is prone to appear under three conditions. The first two are not good for the fetus!

Reason one: Excessive spiritual instability

Pregnant mothers are weak during pregnancy. After all, nutrition in the body should be supplied to the baby at the same time.Some pregnant mothers are forced by life, even when they are not idle during pregnancy.Sometimes even if you are tired, you will be exhausted because of the garlic in life.The body and spiritual fatigue directly affect Bao Ma’s sleep quality, so you will have some weird and even horrible dreams.

Reason two: Evergreen is too mentally stressful

When pregnant, the pregnant mother always likes to search for some precautions during pregnancy. Sometimes, once these precautions are violated, they will show anxiety. Most Baoma is more worried about the baby’s safety.Some pregnant mothers are not easy to get pregnant. There is a babies who are worried about all kinds of babies, and even afraid that the baby will be born with illness.When the pregnant mother is too anxious and the mental stress is too large, fetal dreams will be prone to appear.

Reasons 3: I look forward to the dream of dreams at night

Many pregnant mothers will involuntarily look forward to the baby’s gender and look forward to seeing the baby’s face during pregnancy.This expectation will be accompanied by the breathing of the pregnant mother to the dream, and the scene of the dream of the pregnant mother will likely give the pregnant mother some prompts.At the same time, this prompt will constantly affect the thinking of pregnant mothers, which also leads to frequent dreams of pregnant mothers.

If the pregnant mothers frequently have fetal dreams due to the first 2 points, they must pay attention.

Anxiety and overwork are very harmful to the mother and child of the pregnant mother. It not only makes the mother sleepy, but the baby in the stomach feels that the mother’s anxiety signal is also difficult to be healthy.The risk of "premature birth" and "miscarriage" during pregnancy during pregnancy is doubled!

In summary, pregnant mothers should maintain a stable mood during pregnancy, accompanied by the expectation of the "baby dream" to meet the birth of the baby!

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