During pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to these things

Because women during pregnancy are very sensitive to the changes in the health status and physiological function of the fetus, the growth and development of the fetus requires the participation of various environmental factors such as endocrine, blood circulation, reproductive system, and immune system.If the mother is pregnant, the fetus will be adversely affected.Therefore, you should pay special attention to your own and fetal hygiene during pregnancy.Pregnant women should maintain a comfortable mood and exercise properly to avoid overwork, ensure adequate sleep, check on time, and prevent infection.Before pregnancy, pay attention to the conditioning diet, balanced nutrition, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

First, pay attention to the balanced diet during pregnancy, diverse diet, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Due to changes in endocrine and metabolism after pregnancy, the demand for various nutrition will increase.If the lack of protein and trace elements in the diet will affect the healthy development of the fetus.Therefore, the diet during pregnancy should be diverse, do not eat partial, otherwise it will cause malnutrition of the fetus.Because the dietary structure of pregnant women may change during pregnancy, eat more protein content and easy digestive foods; also pay attention to increasing the intake of minerals such as calcium and iron; pregnant women should also eat more vitamin C more vitamin C.Food to increase its absorption and utilization.Pregnant women should pay attention to eating regularly and not to eat too much.

Second, pay attention to the combination of rest and work during pregnancy, maintain a comfortable mood, and keep sufficient sleep.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should move appropriately to avoid excessive fatigue and unreasonable exercise.During pregnancy, the human organs and systems are in a physiological state.During this period, pregnant women will feel the bloating of the abdomen, bad appetite, emotional instability, etc. These are normal phenomena.However, after pregnancy, due to the changes in the level of body hormone, it is easy to cause early waking insomnia and poor sleep quality. Therefore, pregnant women should sleep appropriately after pregnancy to ensure sufficient sleep.Pregnant women should avoid staying up late to work overtime or spending overnight outside.

Third, pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, avoid contact with toxic substances in the early pregnancy, such as toxic substances, X -ray, pesticide, etc.;

Pay attention to the hygiene of the living environment and keep the indoor air fresh.In the early pregnancy, pregnant women should not contact or eat unclean food and water; pregnant women should try to avoid smoking in public.In the middle of pregnancy, the fastest growth and development of the fetus and the rapid split brain cells are divided. 7-8 weeks of pregnancy should start to increase calcium intake to ensure the development of the fetus bone; try to avoid irritating food, drugs and food additives. Pay attention to pay attentionSupplement vitamin B1; pay attention to nutritional equilibrium and trace elements in early pregnancy.If pregnant women have infection or adverse pregnancy reactions, they need to go to the hospital in time to prevent disease harm.

4. If abnormal pregnancy during pregnancy, seek medical treatment in time to avoid adverse effects of fetal or pregnant women.

Pregnancy abnormalities mainly include: (1) pregnancy bleeding: including vaginal hemorrhage and hematuria.(2) Pregnancy combined with heart disease: It mainly includes pregnancy hypertension and hypertension syndrome.(3) Pregnancy combined with liver function abnormalities: mainly include pregnancy liver cancer, premature birth, neonatal jaundice, internal distress or death of fetal palace, neonatal sepsis, neonatal suffocation, etc.(4) Breeding infection: It mainly includes bacterial abortion, bacterial intrauterine infection and other causes of vaginal inflammation.(5) Pregnancy combined with diabetes: gestational diabetes may cause placental dysfunction and delayed development of fetal palace.(6) Pregnancy with hepatitis: acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis can cause endometritis, fallopianitis, liver abscess and other diseases.

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