During pregnancy, it is a good thing to have these "pain" on pregnant mothers, indicating that the fetus develops well.

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After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mothers will change a lot, and these changes will actually have a lot to do with the fetus in the belly.Some changes may mean that the fetus will be dangerous, and some changes indicate that the fetal development is just right and very healthy, so pregnant mothers must not underestimate these changes!

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have a certain pain in their bodies. These situations will occur, so don’t worry too much.And there are these "pains", it just shows that the fetus is developing well and healthy, and pregnant mothers need not be nervous.

1. Casculent pain

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in pregnant women, the tissue and ligaments around the pelvis will slowly relax, so as to adapt to the fetal delivery.In particular, changes in the later stages of pregnancy will significantly worsen.pain.

In general, the emergence of this signal represents that expectant mothers will prepare for future delivery.However, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. Pay more attention to standing and sitting, avoid overwork and pay attention to rest.You can lie down properly and get close to the position of the tripod to the position of the heart, so that the increase in vein return may be more comfortable.

2. Sure back and back sore

This is a normal phenomenon. After pregnancy, the increase in weight and insufficient qi and blood can easily lead to backache back pain in pregnant mothers.And if the fetus occupies a posture, it can easily cause symptoms of backache.It is fine after giving birth to a child, no special treatment.If it is really painful, it can be appropriately used to reduce the pain, but it is not recommended to be back.

3. Breast pain

Breasts provide nutrition for the baby after birth, so during the process of pregnancy, the breasts will change with the development of the baby.It is mainly to provide appropriate nutritional needs for biological reducing biography.With the changes during pregnancy, the hormones in the expectant mothers will change, and at this time the breast will feel sore.

However, this kind of pain varies from person to person. Some women have obvious feelings, but some do not.With the stability of the body hormone level, this situation will gradually weaken.Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t have to be too nervous, pay attention to the supplement of nutrition, and don’t eat spicy food.

1. Pay attention to rest

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are very easy to cause fatigue.So pay more attention to rest, do not work too hard, do not do too intense exercise.Properly slow down the rhythm of your own life, adjust your work status, and avoid accidents in the fetus due to excessive fatigue.

2. Pay attention to diet

Pay attention to nutritional balance in diet, do not eat too greasy, spicy, cold food.Keep a certain nutritional supplement, but do not nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables.Eliminating drinks such as coffee Cola and reducing the intake of carbohydrates, a reasonable and healthy diet will be good for the development of the fetus.

3. Keep a good mood

The mood of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is also a very impact on the fetus. Generally, women who are pregnant during pregnancy are great in emotional fluctuations.At this time, pregnant mothers are usually more sensitive and irritable. They often lose their temper because of some small things. Pregnant mothers should try to control their emotions as much as possible, and do not let it fluctuate too much.

At this time, family members should try to tolerate pregnant women as much as possible. When pregnant women are not emotional, do not intensify contradictions. It is important to help them relieve their mood and regulate their emotions.


In order to be able to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, there are still a lot of things to pay attention to during pregnancy during pregnancy. Do not make mistakes because of your own comfort. This is a very irresponsible manifestation of the fetus.

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