During pregnancy, 12 kinds of fruits that pregnant mothers eat cautiously, know to avoid bad fetuses and herself early.

From the beginning of knowing that they are pregnant, pregnant mothers still need to pay more attention to some diet, no matter what food is too late, so it is best to know more about eating fruits and vegetables. Of courseCan’t eat, there is no problem with some people who can’t eat it, but there are no problems if they eat it, but some people are a little signs.Because everyone’s physical fitness is different, the response to eating the same food may be different, so some suggestions that eat cautious fruits, pregnant mothers can know early, eat and eat too little, eat less, and according to themselves and according to themselves and themselves and themselves.The baby’s situation is decided.

6 types of fruits (1) of pregnant mothers with caution (eat less) (1)

① lychee: Litchi sugar content is high and hot, and it is easy to get angry when pregnant mothers eat more, which will also cause high blood sugar to cause too much blood sugar, which can easily cause the fetus to be too large, thereby increasing the difficulty of childbirth. Careful consumption during pregnancy;Hot fruits, have the characteristics of slippery tires, have an impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses, so they eat carefully during pregnancy; ③ Pineapple: protease in pineapple can cause allergic reactions to allergic patients, which can seriously cause breathing difficulties, especially kidney function is poor.Pregnant mothers with poor coagulation function should eat carefully; ④ Papaya: Papaya contains female hormones, which can easily disturb the balance of hormone in the pregnant mother’s body., But hawthorn promoting blood circulation and stasis, can stimulate uterine contraction, pregnant mothers need to eat carefully; ⑥ olive: pregnant women can eat a small amount, can detoxify and reduce phlegm, and supplement VC and protein.

6 types of fruits (2) of pregnant mothers with caution (eat less) (2)

① Fozen fruit: One of the Chinese medicines of bergamot, has an appetizer, but bergamot can relieve the spasm of smooth muscles, and the uterus is exactly the smooth muscle, so it is necessary to eat it carefully;Therefore, it is necessary to eat it carefully; ③ avocado contains unsaturated fatty acids and a lot of enzymes. Allergies are best for pregnant mothers.Careful consumption; ⑤ Mulberry, mulberry belongs to cold fruits, and pregnant women with cold constitution can easily lead to diarrhea and need to eat carefully; ⑥ Guiyuan: Guiyuan is a kind of food that is easy to get angry and causes fever. Pregnant mothers need to eat carefully.

The above 12 kinds of fruits, pregnant mothers need to choose according to the situation of themselves and baby babies in the process of selection. Of course, you can’t say that you can’t eat it. If you have less bleeding, or the stomach is uncomfortable, the pregnant motherWe recommend that the fruits are not eaten, so that they will be more comfortable. Although there is no problem to eat a little bit, it may cause physical discomfort, and they still eat it with caution or not.

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