During pregnancy, "long fetus does not have long meat", postpartum body recovers quickly, and the tips for controlling weight are here.

Many Baoma will worry about postpartum body recovery during pregnancy, worrying about her body, and recovering difficulties in the future. In fact, as long as Baoma does "long tires without meat" during pregnancy, postpartum recovery can also go smoothly.

Xiao Jin is a young expectant mother. Before pregnancy, Xiao Jin looks beautiful and good, but since she is pregnant, she has bloated people.Intersection

In order to make himself "long fetus and no meat", Xiao Jin also worked hard. Now he will start diet to lose weight after five months of pregnancy. After learning about Xiao Jin’s plan, the whole family has scolded her.Can you ignore it?

Whether it is a young novice mother or an experienced Baoma, she hopes to be "long -term without meat" during pregnancy. I hope that she can recover her figure as soon as possible after delivery.But even so, the Baomao do not care about it, but he does not agree with diet to lose weight.

In fact, if you want to restore your body as soon as possible after childbirth, if you want to control the weight of pregnancy, and do a good job of "long fetus and not meat", Baoma must clearly understand that every stage of weight changes during pregnancy can be psychologically spectacular.Essence

① Early pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers will not change much in the early pregnancy. The weight may increase by 2 to 3 pounds.

② mid -pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body and weight change are the greatest and most obvious. The pregnant mother will gain weight by half a pound per week. Perhaps it is because of the pregnancy.Moms can pay attention.

③In pregnancy

Because the fetus develops faster at this stage, a pound will grow almost every week. If the pregnant mother is fat, it may need to be slightly controlled.

Generally speaking, during this period of pregnancy, it is best to control about 22 ~ 26 catties. On the one hand, it can recover her figure as soon as possible after delivery. Essence

If the pregnant mother wants to be "long -tested and not meat" during pregnancy, she needs to catch both exercises and diet, then the tips on the two parties are coming!

1. Diet aspect

Tips 1: In order to control the food intake, pregnant mothers can adjust their dining habits, such as eating vegetables first, then eating meat, and finally eating a staple food, so that you can eat more vegetables.

Tips 2: Eat less condiments, and a light diet is particularly important, so pregnant mothers need to eat less heavy -flavored foods, daily diet, less salt, less oil, less sugar, especially some foods with sticky soup.

Tip three: Choose fresh ingredients, whether it is vegetables and fruits, or meat, eggs and fish, choose fresh ingredients.

Tips 4: Reduce out of meals. Now many young families will choose takeaway or go out to eat. It is very convenient to taste it, but it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat home cooking as much as possible.

Although the food outside is delicious, the heavy oil is heavy, and we dare not guarantee fresh, especially some stuffed foods, and they can’t distinguish it.Even if we are healthy, we have to eat less takeaway or eat less outside.

2. Exercise

It is very important to exercise appropriate exercise during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy can prevent long meat during pregnancy, and can also enhance physical fitness, which is conducive to future delivery, especially the following exercises, especially suitable for pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

① Walking, this is the easiest and most suitable way for pregnant women. Whether it is a park or a pregnant mothers downstairs, you can exercise.

② Aerobic exercises and yoga. These two sport are suitable for pregnant mothers, especially yoga, and can relax the body and mind of pregnant mothers.try.

③ Swimming and swimming can exercise the whole body muscles of the pregnant mother and relieve the fatigue caused by pregnancy. However, if you want to swim during pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs to choose the swimming venue.

Looking at the other pregnant women’s limbs are slender and the whole body has a long belly, the pregnant mother does not have to be too envious. After all, everyone’s physical condition is different. We are mainly concerned about health during pregnancy, and we only need to control it within a reasonable range.

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