During my pregnancy, my husband’s other woman was also pregnant. I really couldn’t hold on

From my knowing that I was pregnant, my nightmare has been one after another.My husband suddenly said to me when I didn’t prepare at all, "Let’s divorce, I and Xiaowan." Xiaowan is a good friend of mine.His words hit my head like a thunderbolt. I was stunned at the time. I dare not imagine that this sentence can be said from my husband’s mouth.

At that time, I couldn’t help crying, "What should I do in the future? Should I do this child? Should I agree to divorce?" A series of questions hovered in my mind.The body was weak, and my husband’s words were even more worse, making my heart cool.

I do n’t understand, what is it because of what can my husband and ghosts be fascinated?Since we have been in love, we have been living in a room for five years. During the period, the relationship is also very stable. There are no major conflicts and differences. He has not showed a different state of peace. How can you change your mind?He likes children very much, and now I am almost born, but he said he doesn’t love me anymore!

I had noisy with him and made a noise, but he did not change his mind at all. He resolutely wanted to divorce me and destroy this child. My emotions were worse than a day, but I did not plan to divorce and decided to grit my teeth.Born to give birth to his child, he may still let him turn back.During this period, my physical and mental pressure during my pregnancy made me feel powerless. He was particularly cruel and did not give a little attention and considerate.What I support is the child who hasn’t been born in my stomach.When I thought of my child, I felt full of strength.My husband does not go home every night, and my swollen shoes can’t wear it.After my mother knew about us, she felt distressed and picked me back to her mother’s house.

After about two months, my husband suddenly called me and said, "I know that there is a problem with our feelings, but I think, for the sake of children, I decided not to divorce. I hope you can forgive me. I hope you can forgive me.I will compensate you well. "Seeing that he had the idea of turning his mind, I had a lot of heart and gave him this opportunity.But what happened later made me completely disappointed with him.

One day, when I came back from my mother’s house to pick up things, I saw the most worrying scene in my living room. My husband was with the woman and was hit by me.Looking at the scene in front of me, my heart was guilty.Although I have a hunch in my heart, they have not broken yet, but I try to control it myself.But the hunch is in reality. I really can’t face it, and I can’t bear the blow.This sad feeling cannot be speechless.

I washed my face with tears every day, and my relationship with my husband completely fell the bottom of the valley. I also know that my emotions and mental state can directly have a certain impact on my child, but I can’t control myself.I am stunned every day.I used to find that woman, but what I got was: "You can’t control your own husband, what do you find?"

In this case, I gave birth to a child. After the child was born, because of the influence of emotions, the milk was insufficient.He was sick at both ends, and the child cried, and I cried.When I thought of the future, I even had the thoughts of light.Later, my husband turned back to me, thinking that I promised to cut off the relationship with that woman, watching the child, and the crime of thinking about it. The most important thing was to make the child have a complete home.

Just a few days ago, my husband didn’t go home again and sent me a text message: "She is also pregnant." I was completely disappointed with him. Now that the child is more than one year old, I am supporting this family.When the child grows up, I don’t know how to explain to him.Is it a wrong choice to give him birth?

Walk your own way, your dreams are round.Don’t think about tie a child with a child. If you have no love, even if he returns home because of the child, there will be no warmth of home.Moreover, another woman of your husband also conceives his child.

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