Drinking milk for a long time will cause insulin resistance?Can sugar friends drink milk?

Milk is a drink that everyone is familiar with. Fresh milk is full of milk aroma and can provide a variety of nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and magnesium.Between the premise of absorbing nutrition.However, some people have unstable blood glucose, and have not enough insulin to participate in the metabolism of sugar material. Will drinking milk for a long time cause insulin resistance?

The main role of insulin is to participate in the metabolism of sugar material, which can maintain good islet function. After ingestion of sugar, it can be used to transform sugar substances into energy to provide energy to maintain blood sugar stability.

From the research point of view, the milk insulin index is higher than other foods. Patients with diabetes can self -test and measure blood sugar after drinking milk. If there is no significant upward trend, do not worry about drinking milk to cause insulin resistance, because insulin resistance depends on multiple aspects.Conditions have a certain relationship with drinking milk for a long time, but it is not a decisive factor and cannot be generalized.

Can diabetics still drink milk?

Whether diabetic patients can drink milk depend on many conditions. For example, in accordance with the treatment of blood sugar to stabilize, the blood sugar measured after drinking milk is basically stable and there is no major ups and downs. This situation shows that the body adapts and can drink milk by drinking milk.Methods obtain a variety of nutrients, but if there are insulin resistance, blood sugar can not live high after drinking milk, and there is a significant upward trend, which should be far away.

In addition, consider the health system of the digestive system of diabetic patients. If abdominal pain and diarrhea, etc., it may be that the continuous high blood sugar will affect the health of the digestive system, which may cause some complications to allow some complications.Patients are not suitable for drinking milk.In addition, judging based on whether there is a allergic reaction after drinking milk, there is no skin itching, rash and other changes, you can drink appropriately.

How to drink milk correctly?

Drinking milk should master methods, such as choosing fresh milk.

Due to the high nutritional value of milk and abundant protein content, poor preservation conditions will cause milk deterioration. The common situation of drinking non -fresh milk is abdominal pain, diarrhea, and food poisoning. ThereforePlaster your eyes, choose fresh milk during the shelf life.

Do not drink too much milk. Many people take it as a water after learning that milk is rich in nutrition. It may drink thousands of milliliters of milk a day. This behavior is not desirable.Consider adaptability and restraint at the same time, otherwise the acquisition of certain substances will have an impact.

Milk cannot be compared with ordinary boiled water. It is easy to have adverse reactions to drink too much stomach and stomach.

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